I know the following line is correct:
   a = a+1;
   Super, welcome to the team!

But I don’t know how to program; I’m not familiar with it.
No problem at all. If everyone here knew the same thing, it would be boring. We need people who have a knack for writing instructions and text to help us create clear instructions and translate the programmer’s language into English.

Here’s a snippet of instructions written by programmers ->

We also need people who can draw, paint, design, and have fun with Canva to design the look of the egea.eu website based on our guidelines. I design user interfaces myself (I know a bit about UI), so I can help you develop your interests.

    If programmers designed interfaces, everything would look like this ->

Computers don’t like me, and I don’t like them either.
You have no idea how many people are like you. As software creators and people who want to make it as user-friendly as possible (that’s what I call egean – and people who simply use the website), we need to pay special attention to people who don’t like working with computers or have had a bad experience with poorly designed ones. That’s why we have a special “playground” (that’s what we call a copy of the egea website where we create and test new features that will later go live on the official egea website). If you join us, you’ll be able to play in our “playground.” Importantly, we want you to break something or tell us what needs fixing. If you succeed, we’ll know what needs improvement.

Remember, we can always make it more complicated. STOP US!

I’m not cut out for this!
Anyone is suitable, really. At most, we’ll help each other out.

I’m going on Erasmus, far away; I won’t be in Europe.
Having internet access and a smartphone is enough. I’m writing this page from a McD…  ekhm… restaurant, so it’s doable.

I have Linux or some other strange system installed on my computer.
No problem.

Will I have to connect cables at Congresses?
I think there will be such an opportunity 😁

How long will this take?

Honestly, it’s hard to say. The more of us there are, the fewer responsibilities each of you will have. I’d like to have regular meetings with you every three weeks to discuss the most important matters and provide support (not just technical). We’ll see how it goes, how many people join us, and how much the Board inundates us with things to do.

What needs to be done?

  • Current tasks (setting up emails, requests from the board to update data, changing permissions).
  • Projects – I think we can do something bigger. I know that:
    • Every team wants its own page, and it’s already done; they just need to know how to add things there, supervise to make sure they don’t mess anything up.
    • European Geographer would like to have its own website and upload (hopefully regularly) its articles.
    • External Opportunities Team would like to have its own website and upload (hopefully regularly) their offers.
    • I think it’s worth preparing an instruction website (a knowledge base on what and how to do in egea). Most of it is done; we just need to advertise it further.
    • Changing the event registration system – to be honest, it’s a much bigger project than the previous ones, but I’ll write about it later.

I haven’t convinced you:

I understand, and I’m a bit sad to lose such a wonderful person. Maybe another team or project will be a better fit for you?

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I’ve convinced you a little:

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