Entity Manual

Dear reader,
This manual acts as support, and as a tool for entity Contact Persons as well as other entity individuals by collecting all relevant information to enable activity in our Association. The basis of this document was formed by the existing manuals from previous years, especially the North & Baltic Regional Transition Manual from 2015. Thecontent of this manual will be updated annually to provide up-to-date information. The coordination of this document is the responsibility of the Regional Support Committee. The manual is structured in a way to provide an easy access to the needed information. Additionally, there are useful links inside the manual, so that the reader can fluently search for information from other existing manuals and the EGEA website. The first part includes general information about EGEA with explanations of the basic structure and the different bodies of our association. The second part concentrates on entity management starting with the process of establishing up a new entity, organization of the entity including finance possibilities, Newbie management and promotion. The last part concentrates again on EGEA Europe with our sponsors and partners and the list of links to all the official documents.

Regional Support Committee,
20 June 2018

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