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Sites for Entities – course

20 May from 00:00 to 23 May from 23:00 CEST

We are pleased to announce that we have introduced a new feature that allows Entities to create their own pages. This means that each entity, whether active or candidate, now has the opportunity to showcase their city and activities in a unique way.

To ensure that everyone is well prepared for this exciting endeavour, we invite you to a comprehensive training session on creating pages for entities. During this session, you will learn everything you need to know about creating engaging pages, including how to add necessary information, incorporate multimedia, and tailor content for different audiences.

The purpose of creating subpages by entities is:
  • Inviting other entities to visit through an attractive welcomeBook format, allowing for the presentation of the most interesting information, places, and stories.
  • Presenting the activities of the entity to external companies and universities to facilitate your sponsorship and partnership acquisition.
  • Encouraging candidates to join EGEA through a page written in your local language to better reach potential candidates.
I invite you to a training session on creating pages for entities. During the meeting, you will learn:
  • How to create a page for your entity?
  • How to add information about Contact Person One and Contact Person Two?
  • How to add information about landmarks, interesting places to your entity’s page?
  • How to add a map, spherical photos, and other elements to the page?
  • How to limit the visibility of elements only to specific individuals?
  • How to add multiple pages for different target groups?
I want to see the final result
To ensure the smooth running of the training, please prepare the following materials:
  • Contact Person One and Contact Person Two
    • Name, surname
    • Term start, term end
    • Social media
  • Short text about your city
  • Header image of your city
  • Some statistics
  • Information about 2-6 Landmarks / Events
    • Title in English and local language
    • Address + Link to Google Maps
    • Optional social media
    • Image
  • Information about your University
    • Logo
    • Name
    • Short description
    • Link to the page of your University
    • Promotional Image / video
  • Whatever else you want to put on your website
Questions, troubles, commnents, doubts?

All meetings will be available on Google Meet

We have prepared three meetings for you, each of which will cover the same topics. The meetings will last approximately 2 hours (depending on how smoothly things go). No advanced computer skills are required. We will endeavour to record one of the sessions for your convenience, so that you can easily brush up on your knowledge.

Prior registration is highly reccomended. >>