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Eastern Regional Congress 2024

29 April to 3 May

Within the framework of the Czech EGEA entities, we decided to organize a congress dedicated to the topic of Mobility shifts. We wish to take you on an adventure to discover how has mobility changed in the past. One of the most recent changes in paradigms of human mobility was caused by the covid-19 pandemic. What other dramatic changes have happened in the last few years? One of the workshop sessions will be dedicated to this topic, others will dive into the areas of sustainable tourism, history of internationalism, remote sensing, spas and hydrology, noise pollution and animal habitat displacement. Do not miss the chance to take part in the only urban congress of 2024 and register with your EGEA account.


Theme of the congress is Mobility shifts. Our workshops will focus on changes covid-19 pandemic brought to the human society, but also on local mineral springs and the changes they are encountering. The scientific topic can be broadly understood as focus on breaking points and changes of paradigms. This will connect human- and physical- geography oriented workshops.

Above you can see the venue for scientific and EGEA programme of ERC 2024, the Frédéric Chopin House in Mariánské Lázně

Suit up for this special occasion

Join us to engage in the very last ERC. We will start off the congress with a gala opening, so make sure to bring something sophisticated. The more of a distinguished lady or gentleman you will be, the more you will fit in the spa environment. After all, “šaty dělají člověka.”


We are inviting you to Czechia. Our congress will take place in a town environment. Mariánské Lázně (Marienbad) consists of 13,000 inhabitants as well as thousands of visitors at any point in time. We will be using multiple facilities (buildings) for the duration of the congress. During excursions you will be able to visit pristine natural reserve Kladská, vibrant Karlovy Vary and hike towards breathtaking views in this hilly part of the country.


Reach the location of congress by train. Place of accommodation is few hundred meters from the main station Mariánské Lázně. Trips from Nürnberg and Prague take a little over 2 hours. You will also be able to find connections through Cheb (Eger) and through Plzeň (Pilsen). Flixbus operates a convenient Frankfurt–Cheb line. For holders of ISIC card travelling inside of Czechia: you can get a ticket from Brno for €12.3, from Praha for €5.7 or from Ostrava for €16

Who is behind this project?

We are a team of 11 proud EGEAns from all parts of Czechia. The people owning this project are Adéla Husáková, Denisa Hadrová, Jan Brodský, Kateřina Podzimková, Kryštof Richter, Jakub Joksch, Ľuboš Rybnikár, Matyáš Ludvík, Miroslava Pazourková, Monika Zuzaňáková and Ondřej Míka. We are a non-profit event. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at participants.erc2024@egea.eu

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Registrations for the Eastern Regional Congress are closed as of December 2023. However, attendees from our partner’s organizations are still more than welcome to register by sending us email to erc2024@egea.eu. Two-day programme (one overnight stay) is offered at a flat rate of 1700 CZK. This event is organized with close cooperation of the Czech Geographical Society

Main sponsors of the event are www.mm-servis.cz, www.ensanahotels.com/cs/destinace/ceska-republika/marianske-lazne, www.kr-karlovarsky.cz, www.muml.cz and www.cuni.cz