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Polish Weekend 2023

2 June 2023 10:00 to 4 June 2023 18:00


Polish Weekend is an event arranged by polish entities in their own country. It is an opportunity for geography students and experts from various countries to take part in a broad range of activities such as workshops, lectures, discussions, cultural events and social gatherings. The primary goal of the Polish Weekend is to promote geographical education, while providing a chance for participants to connect, collaborate and learn from one another.

The event offers a broad range of geography-related topics and includes both theoretical and practical aspects of the discipline. In summary, the EGEA Polish Weekend is an ideal opportunity for geography enthusiasts to broaden their knowledge, network with peers and explore the local culture.

How Expensive is polish weekend?

€55 / 200 PLN



Polish Weekend 2023 is taking place in Bęsia. It is located near Lake Bęskie. The resort has its own beach, bikes and water sports equipment rental, football fields and volleyball courts. Also, let’s not forget about fireplaces and lots of areas to relax!

We hope that we all can see each other in beautiful Masuria soon!

Ośrodek Wczasowy BĘSIA, Bęsia 21, 11-311 Kolno

Workshops & LEADERS


If you have an artsy soul and are more aware of beauty and tradition, then you have to choose this workshop! Connecting local traditions with modern tourism may be a great chance for the development of this region, and you can be a part of it! In the theoretical part, participants would get acquainted with the most important traditions of Slavs, especially those related to the region where the event will take place. Customs and their impact on the current cultural landscape of Masuria will be presented. Then the participants in the practical part would focus on the possibilities of promoting Masurian culture in modern tourism. Their task would be to develop an idea for a regional product/event that would refer to the Slavic tradition. The outcome of this workshop will also be sent to local authorities as our contribution to the local community. During the practical part participants will come up with four scenarios of how this type of farming can develop in this region. Ready scenarios will be sent to local authorities, as our contribution to the local community.


The Masurian region is known not only for its lakes, but also for its interesting, very varied terrain. If you want to find out how the glaciers period shaped its area and what happened to it because of them, or if you are a big fan of geomorphology, “The impact of glaciers on the natural environment of the Masurian region” workshop is for you. During the presentation there will be a short introduction to the topic, when we’re gonna talk about basic terms, and then we will discuss glaciers themselves, what landforms they brought and what is happening with them nowadays. The practical part will contain a short trip around our accommodation to see how it looks in this area, we’ll do some measurements, and after that we will try to draw maps of it.


The goal of this workshop is to introduce concepts in the field of geodesy and real estate management in Poland. During the presentation, we will discuss legal issues related to real estate management and present the operation of geodetic equipment. In the practical part of the workshop, everyone will have a chance to work with professional surveying equipment and practical tasks. We will also answer the question of what geodesy is and what concept is hidden under it. We will show that geodesy can be very interesting and not boring at all!


Are you into cartography and GIS? Want to learn something useful and much needed on today’s labor market? If you answered yes at least for one of those questions this workshop is for you! The workshop “Applying ArcGIS in Practice” aims to showcase the capabilities of the software to help capture, analyze, and present spatial data using tools built into the ArcGIS Online cloud to choose from: Preparing for Data Acquisition in ArcGIS Collector Present data in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder and configure web applications Preparation and publication of presentations in Story Maps Be aware that you need your own laptop with ArcGIS Desktop installed.



During the training, we will learn the basic information and parameters regarding photography. What affects the appearance of our photo? Next, we will use in practice various ways that will make the photos taken with your phone more interesting and aesthetic! If you’ve seen tutorials on Tik Tok or Instagram on how to improve your photos, after this training you won’t need them anymore! Training is the perfect opportunity for all the EGEAns who want their travel reports to be the best they can be.


A topic as old as the hills, but this slogan entered the mainstream around 2017. Many of us simply call it laziness. In this day and age of ‘productivity’ we are exposed to a lot of pressure from our surroundings and the content coming at us primarily from the internet. The short training I am going to conduct will be a kind of knowledge pill addressing the issue of procrastination and, above all an opportunity to learn some tools to change our own self-esteem – especially in the aspect of analysing our activities.


If you love to dance or on the contrary – you stay away from densflor at parties – this is the perfect workout for you!! During the hour-long exercises, practice to bring out all your abilities, bad and good emotions and feel what your body is able to do during movement. The exercise you will be doing is for every level of movement skills, so don’t wait, just open up to new possibilities


Do you want to spend time creatively and make your own souvenir of the trip? Then the training , “catch your wood” will be perfect for you! During the class we will make our own souvenirs out of wood: painting on it and pasting with patterns from napkins (decoupage). We will burn the inscriptions of your choice on each work to make it as personalized as possible! In addition, everyone will be able to choose whether they want their wood to be in the form of a magnet or perhaps to hang on the wall. During the training, I will tell you about how interesting material wood is and how you can creatively use it and even make money from it! Remember this is a training for everyone regardless of skill! The only thing you need to take with you the willingness to do something fun and new!


transport options & 1st day info

Ośrodek Wczasowy BĘSIA
Bęsia 21, 11-311 Kolno


University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn
15 Romana Prawocheńskiego St., 10-724 Olsztyn, Poland

To get to the location of the opening ceremony from the train station or city center you can choose public transport: bus 103, 109 or tram.

We will start with a quick tour of the beautiful UWM campus at 10 am, which includes a lake, beaches and parks. Then the registration will start at 10:30 am, followed by the Opening Ceremony at 11 am. Then, there will be time for your transportation to Bęsia.

*THE TRANSPORT FROM OLSZTYN TO BĘSIA IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PARTICIPANTS FEE AND SHOULD BE ARRANGED ON YOUR OWN. A train ride from Olsztyn to Bęsia usually takes less than 40 minutes and and costs around 15PLN.

Here is the website of Polish Railways (PKP) – https://rozklad-pkp.pl/en. You can buy your tickets with a 51% discount if you have a valid Student Card from a Polish University or you have Polish citizenship and have the ISIC (website of ISIC –  https://www.isic.org).

Tickets for national connections are available only 1 month before the date of your journey (so if you want to buy tickets for the 2th of June you can buy them only after the 2th of May). Tickets for international connections can be bought way earlier (even now).

You can travel to Olsztyn from every bigger city in Poland (Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Wrocław, and Gdańsk). It takes between 2 to 4 hours to get there from Warsaw, Gdańsk, and Poznań) or 6 – 7 hours from Kraków and Wrocław.

From every city, you can travel the day before or on the day of the congress (9th of May). Most of the trains arrive in Olsztyn between 9 am and 15 pm.

Flixbus arrives at Olsztyn only around 9 pm, so if you want to travel with Flixbus you will have to arrive there the day before (8th of May). It is line 1221 and you can travel with it from Kraków or Warsaw (also straight from WAW and WMI airport).

You can also travel by Polonus from Warsaw to Olsztyn. It leaves at 10:10 am from West Station in Warsaw and arrives at 2:40 pm in Olsztyn.

You can travel by bla bla car, but remember that drivers often post their offers only 2 – 3 days before the ride.

Here is a sheet that we created to ease ride-sharing between EGEAns! You can switch between sheets depending on whether you are offering or needing a car ride.

Car sharing

Most of the highways in Poland are for free, so you don’t have to worry about paying for the ride. Here is the list of paid highways:

  • A1 between Rusocin and Nowa Wieś (152 km)
  • A2 between Konin and Stryków (99 km) and Konin and Świecko (255km)
  • A4 between Kraków and Katowice (61 km) and Wrocław and Sośnica (160 km)