EGEA Finance Team

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EGEA’s Teams are groups of volunteers focussing on a specific mission at European level of our association. In this way, teams do important work for the association. In a team, you work closely together with the Board, Regional Teams and Congress Organisers. Many EGEAns find teams a great way to get involved on European level and to work in an international team. Also, it’s a place to get to know more EGEAns and to develop skills and competences.

Throughout the year you can sign up for joining a team, by emailing your name and the team you want to join to You may also contact the team coordinator yourself through their email, or contact the Vice-President or Team Coordinator personally. Feel free to ask your questions as well.

These are the different Teams in EGEA:

  • The European – Mission: To publish the semi-scientific journal European Geographer periodically.
  • Events – Mission: To spread knowledge on event organization and to protect the quality of events.
  • External Opportunities – Mission: To manage and promote opportunities for EGEAns (trainings, internships) in partner organizations
  • Finance – Mission: To raise money for EGEA and foster sponsorships
  • Green – To create awareness about sustainability in EGEA and beyond
  • Inclusion – To contribute to a welcoming and inclusive environment, especially for new members
  • Media – To manage the presentation of EGEA and the (social) media tasks in EGEA
  • Science – To promote science and to strengthen scientific activities in EGEA
  • Technical Support – To manage the Webpage and Information Systems (Google suite e.g.) in EGEA
  • Training – To organize activities to work on personal development


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