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HSBC in the community

HSBC is committed to supporting the communities in which we operate. In 2018, we contributed USD105 million to charities and non-profit organisations running community projects around the world. Employees gave 264,000 hours of time to volunteer during working hours. Most of the bank’s funding goes towards programmes aligned to our global themes of supporting responsible business, and employability and financial capability.

Caring for disadvantaged children, the environment and heritage

The HSBC Malta Foundation is committed to investing in the community and looks to bring about lasting benefit in society. We make this happen by raising funds and supporting programmes for disadvantaged children, the environment and the country’s heritage.

Malta Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Institute

The scarcity of water on the Maltese Islands has always been an issue since documented history and meeting the demand for both municipal water supply as well as the needs of the agricultural and commercial sectors has always proved to be a challenge. The HSBC Malta CSR Institute aims to help our large workforce and members of public implement sustainable practices in their workplace and community with a special focus on water conservation and awareness.



Esplora Interactive Science Centreis a must see visitor attraction, situated in Kalkara, overlooking the magnificent Grand Harbour. Suited to visitors of all ages, it offers a highly enjoyable experience in a safe and friendly environment. Esplora features 200 + indoor and outdoor interactive science exhibits, hands-on workshops and engaging science shows. Our dedicated team of staff is there to foster curiosity, interest and appreciation of science. Visitors are encouraged to explore, think and imagine as they immerse themselves in an exciting experience. The iconic colour space 4K theatre Plantarium, projects full-dome films about the Earth and the Moon, the planets and the whole solar system, adventures in space, and also life here on Earth. Having served as the British Naval Hospital, one can enjoy the architectural features of the building as well as an exhibition dedicated to the ‘Life at Bighi’. Visitors can savour delicious meals and snacks in our EsploraCafé whilst enjoying the breath-taking viewsand can also visit our EsploraShop for a token of their visit.  




Mochika is an outdoors outlet stocking some of the world’s leading brands in hiking and running footwear, outdoor clothing, travel backpacks, camping equipment, and sports nutrition. Visit us at our shop in Qormi or check out our website: www.mochika.com.mt.

The Environment and Resources Authority, ERA, is the national environmental regulator. As the national regulator, ERA maintains consultation with stakeholders so as to promote and instil sound environmental management.

ERA’s Mission is “to safeguard the environment for a sustainable quality of life”. The Authority has various goals including:

  • To mainstream environmental targets and objectives across Government and society;
  • To take the leading role in advising Government on environmental policy-making at the national level, as well as in the context of international environmental negotiations;
  • To develop evidence-based policy; backed by a robust data gathering structure;
  • To draw up plans, provide a licensing regime and monitor activities having an environmental impact and to integrate environmental considerations within the development control process.


Wasteserv is a private company owned by the Government of Malta and provides the required waste management services as the operator of the last resort. Set up in 2002, Wasteserv manages waste by maximising the extraction of good quality recyclable materials and by generating renewable energy as part of its sustainable contribution for the Maltese Islands.


Conventions Malta, within the Malta Tourism Authority, operates as part of the Maltese Islands official tourism board which is a national non-profit government organisation. Formerly referred to as the ‘M.I.C.E. Segment’; Conventions Malta focuses on conference and incentive travel and Association business. 

The core role is to promote the Maltese Islands as a M.I.C.E. destination focusing on research, planning, marketing, promotion, product development and quality assurance. 

Conventions Malta offers free of charge, unbiased information to event organisers looking or planning to host their next event on our shores. Conventions Malta does not operate on a commercial basis.

For more information please visit the website: https://www.conventionsmalta.com/en-GB





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