TNT | TrainingNewTrainers 2015

Location: Trois-Ponts (Map)
Date: 06/03/2015 - 13/03/2015
Open for: EGEA, IAAS and BEST

Train New Trainers


Be careful, this is not just another fancy named event, where you just end up in a bar playing ice-breaking games, dancing and have liters of coffee all day, THIS IS THE REAL STUFF ! For a full week you will be in the hands of professional trainers who will provide you a full-option skills training in leadership & group dynamics. Although it’s a highly explosive name, the organisation of TNT is in safe hands and you will not be harmed by any armour.

In the nice environment of rural Belgium, we will create an Atmosphere Bubble™ where you are completely at ease to explore and discover your personality, your skills and maybe even your inner-self?

1922372_738137332936000_8055699770144847556_nThe skills you need to guide a working group, to work in a project team, the skills you need to perform in our society that’s mainly focused on the network and interactions with the people around you. And how to share all this knowledge with your fellow egeans, IAASii, best friends… that’s what you will take with you after a week of TNT ! (That, and some delicious Belgian beers and the best chocolate in the world of course)

What do you think, isn’t this the perfect way to experience the benefits of your favourite international association? Get of your lazy chair behind your computer and write a motivation letter! Our TNTeam Trainers will select a maximum of 20 participants.

…the skills you need to perform in our society that’s mainly focused on the network and interactions with the people around youAand there is more! This event is a unique cooperation with our *officially* new partners from IAAS – the International Association for students of Agricultural and related Sciences. We even get some backup from BEST Brussels – Board of Students of Technology.

We’re glad to welcome many geographers, agronomists, related farmers and other young scientists in Belgium!

This. Is. TNT ! Are yóu ready for the next challenge?



(registration via the form is needed for it requires additional information about our candidates ;) )

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