Final Agenda and Proposals for the General Assembly 2023

Dear all,

The Annual Congress is coming closer and with it the General Assembly. Herewith, we share the proposals and the final Agenda for the General Assembly (GA) 2023 with you. Please read everything carefully and discuss your vote with your entities. The representative will then express the opinion of your entity at the GA. The vote options are: in favor, against or abstain.

If you want to change anything on the proposals you can either send in a counter proposal or an amendment. The difference between both is written down below. You can find more information in the Protocol, Appendix A.

II.1.6. […] Amendments are changes to the proposal that don’t affect the meaning of it, but e.g. improve phrasing or grammar.
Counter proposals are changes to the proposal that change the meaning of the intended change.

The Amendments and Counter Proposals have to be sent in until the 06/09/2023 at 20:00 CEST to

If you have questions about any proposal you can either contact the Board or your Regional Team about it.

See you soon

Henrik, Josefa, Jared, Sigrid, Patrycja and Daniela