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We are an association of geography students all over Europe who regularly come together in person, and keep each other up to date on our forum.


We believe that geography is at the core of all important matters in life, whether it be political, economical or person issues. We are passionate to learn about this.


We want to improve the world by educating people including ourselves on the role geography has in their life, and how they can take advantage of it.

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egea Alumni meetup in antwerp

Hello Alumni, hello EGEA! Finally, after a long time of EGEA-abstinence, some of us EGEA Alumni were able to meet again live in Antwerp, Belgium. A big thanks to the organisers Martijn, Sveta, Kristel and Tom for this amazing event! In the attached minutes you can read about what’s been going on in EGEA Alumni…
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Science at the AC2021

In september 2021, from 10-25 september, the Online Annual Congress 2021 will take place. During the congress we have different scientific activities: GeoLabs, workshops and lectures. In this post we share with you more information about the event! Good to know, when you complete a GeoLab or workshop you’ll get a certificate! Lecture 1: Dutch fight…
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