“Tell me and I will forget.

Show me and I will remember.

Involve me and I will understand.

Step back and I will act.” – Old Chinese proverb

Climb the Peak! – Because we will guide you! 

We are responsible for offering many chances for you to learn new soft skills and grow as a person. Also we connect different EGEA generations by supporting you with coaches and mentors so you can realize your projects and goals. The Training Team aims to give EGEAns chances to learn and improve their soft skills, like time management or event planning. Above all for leading positions like CPs and BoEs will benefit from the lessons about leadership and team management. Within our team EGEAns can also become trainers – by attending the Training New Trainers event (TNT) that we also organize, to forward their knowledge to the next generation. All in all, we support the BoE and therefore the HR work in EGEA by organizing the TMT – Team Management Training. 

However, at the moment we are a very small team consisting of Caro, Marek, Runa and me- so we welcome everyone who wants to support us. In the very near future the team will consist of active trainers so it will be easier for you to become one. We are also part of the Youth NGO Training Network!

Our Current projects are:

TNT – Training New Trainers

EGEA Project Coaching

EGEA Mentoring

And other Online Training sessions!

One of our so far Completed projects are:

Online October Training Month


E-mail: training@egea.eu

Katharina Hahn (EGEA Bonn)

EGEA user name: KatHahn or kathana

E-mail: katharina.hahn@uni-bonn.de