Coordinator: Dennis Wilke, EGEA Osnabrück


Our team tasks

“Bait” phrase for your team to put on the poster: Connecting EGEAns digitally.


Description of the team: 

The Technical Support team’s job is to make a smooth and easy online experience possible for every EGEAn. This includes the administration and maintenance of our actual website, the management of user accounts, mail accounts and our zoom account, as well as the development of a whole new website. 


You have problems logging in to the website, want to change entity or a new account activated? The Technical Support is there for you!


If you are interested in technology and computers or want to be creative in the development of our new website, you’re always welcome to join our team! 


Current projects: New Website

Completed projects: Yes


Member list

Jan Brodský, EGEA Brno

Rick de Graaf, EGEA Utrecht

Ľuboš Rybnikár, EGEA Olomouc

Sophia Paul, EGEA Innsbruck