EGEA body group: Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee, short SciComm, is an official body of EGEA which aims to
strengthen the quality of scientific activities in EGEA, to encourage EGEAns to share their
scientific work and to participate in scientific events.

What are we doing?

In 2020, we will focus on improving existing projects, ensuring scientific quality and creating
team work spirit!



Our aims are:
● to organise and support scientific activities (Scientific Forum, Scientific Symposium,
Scientific Posters) for EGEAns
● to promote science in general within and outside of EGEA (EGEA Theme)
● to initiate scientific discussions and the exchange of knowledge within EGEA
(Scientific Tables, Book Fair)
● to support congress organizers with all science related programme points
● improve workshop quality (Workshop Leader Bootcamp)
● to reward EGEAns for their contributions to the scientific side of EGEA (Scientific
● to look for cooperation within EGEA and scientific opportunities outside of EGEA
(EUROGEO Conference)

Our current work includes the following projects:
● Scientific Forum 2019 by EGEA Jena
● Workshop Leader Bootcamp: In cooperation with TC we tried to organize the very
first Workshop Leader Bootcamp. With this event we aim to train future Workshop
Leaders. Since it sadly had to be canceled, we are now working on an online version
of this project.
● Scientific Awards: First introduced at the AC 2016 in Switzerland, SciComm and
EGEA Alumni are awarding the best scientific inputs of the year. In several
categories, groups and individuals can apply for this special honor within our
● Scientific Symposium at the last ACs and this year again: SciComm will be
organising this event where EGEAns can present their own scientific work. Two
panels offer space for ambitious researchers to share their knowledge with other
EGEAns in interesting presentations.
● Scientific Posters: Similar to the symposium, EGEAns are given the opportunity to
present their work in form of a scientific poster at the Annual Congress.


Scientific symposium at AC 2019


How do we work?
Our members are from all over Europe. Since Europe is too big to meet up a lot in person,
most of our meetings are online meetings (usually via Skype). Nevertheless, we try to meet
up once or twice a year to have a “Live Meeting” (being able to actually hug people is nice!).
We have two representatives who lead the Committee and are in contact with the BoE, etc.
We try to split work according to the interests and skills of the committees members.


Zoom meeting during COVID-19 crisis


How to join our committee?

Just write a mail to and we can schedule a skype/zoom with you to
introduce you to the committee structure.
Write us on facebook or just join an e-meeting of us! (The link is always posted in the Official
Group on Facebook or in the Forum).
We would love to welcome you in our team!
Scientifically yours,
Sci Comm


Contact us:
Link: Buddy Group