EGEA’s little helpers or just helpings hands, did you ever hear these words before? Yes, these are synonyms for Regional Support Committee and they describe us and our work in the best possible way.


Who are we?

We are a group of positive and motivated people that are eager to help. Currently Regional support committee counts 24 members who are all active in at least one project. RSC has two representatives, they are elected in October and carry out their work and lead committee for one year. Representatives for 2016/17 are Pietu Niinimäki from EGEA Oulu and Lea Rebernik from EGEA Ljubljana. Each year we have different projects but next to them our main task is also to help Regional Contact Persons and Board of EGEA.
Old and new reps

What are we doing?

Regional Support Committee (RSC) works closely with Regional Teams and provides EGEA entities and EGEAns with quality material for entity management. We are keeping track on the development, we are constantly updating materials for entities and collecting information. Most importantly we are providing support in the form of friendly faces, as we understand our role as helping hand. In the year 2016/17 we are responsible for seven projects – Entity Survey, Entity Manuals, Newbie area, EGEA day, Newbie dictionary, Travel book and List of Universities. Some of these projects are our ˝traditional˝ projects, like Newbie area and Entity survey, but most of them switch every year. We realise that project quality is very important, which is why we also try to cooperate with other committees. For example, CMC usually helps us with visual designs of our projects. A great example of good cooperation is also the Entity survey, where we work closely with Regional Teams, they later use them in Regional Reports.

Each year we organize one or two Live meetings. This year we had one meeting in February in Tübingen, and we will have a second meeting in the end of March during Eastern Regional Congress in Czech Republic. We believe these meetings are crucial because people actually meet in person and work is done more efficiently. Our members can get to know each other and like this we really became a team of geographers and friends, not only just a group of strangers that need to work together.

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Current projects

This year we are working on following projects: EGEA day, Entity manuals, Newbie area, Newbie dictionary, Travel book, Entity survey and List of Universities.

Right now our priority is EGEA day. This year EGEA is celebrating 30th birthday so we want to create event that would celebrate geography and our great association. The main task of RSC in promotion of this event. In this purpose we are creating posters and filming big video that will include past BoE members, EGEAns and events that happen during year. We have one other project that is our priority this year – Entity manuals. With this project we want to create a big manual that would include all informations that CPs and entities need for good functioning. Right now we are creating different contents, CMC in doing visual models and RCPs are guiding us through the making process. Newbie area takes place at each Regional Congress and helps newbies to get to know EGEA better. Each year we do small changes, so we keep it interesting. We collect addresses of geography departments in Europe and store them in the List of universities, which is very important for getting new entities and spread EGEA all over Europe. Entity Survey is a project that we do together with Regional Contact Persons and starts in summer. We prepare the form and collect data from all entities, Regional Teams latter present them in Regional Report. Last but not least are two new project that we have this year. Travel book will present Europe through the eyes of EGEAns. We want to include general information about city and entity, general tips about location and also fun stories and facts. At this moment we are pre-filling templates which we will later send to entities. We plan to have one great book of travel tips for Europe. The last project is Newbie dictionary where the name says it all. After a brainstorming we selected different phrases and our next step in writing drafts. We plan to finish this project before congress season, so we can already use this year and help newbies to get a better understanding of EGEA.

As you see we are quite busy and we always find place on some projects for new members, because help is always given and help in always wanted. So you are welcome to join in our project sound fun to you.

For every person who wants a better insight in our meetings and projects, you can read minutes from one of our past skype meetings or have a look in one of our interesting past projects – Leaflet.

If you have any other questions on which we didn’t answer on our page or if you want to join Regional Support Committee you can contact us via email.