The first term of EGEA Project Coaching went by sucessfully and now we are looking for new coachees! If you would like to be coached and get help with a project by the experienced project coaches below, sign up now!

What is EGEA Project Coaching?


EGEA Project Coaching is a new system of support for EGEAns taking new responsibility. It aims to connect new project leaders with EGEA Coaches, who have a lot of project experience already.

The EGEA Project Coaches will introduce themselves, their experience and competencies here. You can just contact them directly or the program coordination via

Here are the guidelines for the program.

Here are our Project Coaches:


A coach – coachee story

Colette and Tanya


Thanks for taking time to answer the questions of this little interview! We’re now at Halftime of our first round of EGEA Project Coaching, so we would like to give interested EGEAns an overview what it means to be a coach and coachee.

Maybe we start with Tanya. What has been your motivation to sign up as a coachee?

Tanya: I heard about the project a long time ago but still was quite busy with all EGEA staff and didn’t want to take part in something more (I didn’t know what it is exactly). Then during one of the e-meetings Pietu told me about this project again and sent a link to the coaches profiles. I was surprised how many cool and experienced people were there and I knew that I would learn a lot from them. I had some thoughts about applying for BoE but still it was a mess in my had with all the EGEA responsibilities. I needed some advice from the person I trust. So, I decided to sign up :)


Colette, you already went through most “stages” of EGEA. Why did you decide to get more active again and signed up as a coach?

Colette: It is exactly because I feel that I have been through many stages that I decided to sign up as a coach – so I felt that I was “qualified” for the position. ;) Besides this, even after my most active year in EGEA I have tried to keep in touch with what is going on and offer my support to subsequent EGEA officials because I remember that I really appreciated all of the help that I got from previous team members. Another reason is that although I don’t have so much time to be active like I used to, I still feel that I can help out and I don’t wish to be completely cut off. Finally, since I started in EGEA one of the things which I love the most about the Association is how encouraging everyone is – always supportive of people who try new things and go for new challenges. Now I can enjoy paying it forward, and seeing people who I gave encouragement to succeeding too. So becoming a coach seemed like a perfect fit!


Tanya, why did you choose Colette as your coach? Did you know her before or was it the experience she had? :)

Tanya: Both :) We met several times at the congresses also were at the same committee – EG. Actually I decided to apply immediately after I saw her profile in there. I was only worried that I am too late :)


How does the coaching actually work for you?

Colette: I would say that it is quite flexible. We had our first meeting and then decided on some things Tanya was going to work on and when we would meet again. And then when we met we discussed how things had progressed and what the next things to work on would be and when we would meet again. At this time we knew that Tanya was going to work on  a BoE application. So she worked on her application and we had a couple of meetings where we worked on this. We also worked on this a bit by email. And that’s it so far I think :) Then I was going to suggest that we set another meeting in a couple of weeks (maybe right before or after the OSM) to discuss the progress of the other projects/committees she is working on :)


Tanya: We meet when it is needed, not like we have a schedule. For me it works very well, from the very beginning it was easy going, very encouraging and motivating. I can express my thoughts and doubts and be sure that I will get an honest opinion about it.


Sounds nice! And do you already know when your coaching will be over? Is there a fixed topic that will be worked on and when it’s done the coaching will end?

Tanya: no idea :D


Colette: I guess that depends a bit on how things develop ;) Probably we will re-evaluate around the AC


Tanya: Other people also might need a coach, so it would be unfair to take the best for myself forever :D

To be honest, I really like how things are going, so I would say that it mostly depends on Colette and her time availability.


Colette: Well, we are not working on a specific project but rather discussing how all of the projects are going and so we will see how long it’s needed. I think we should re-evaluate around the AC time.

So it will have been almost one whole EGEA year :)

It could potentially be a long-term thing, or maybe it will make sense to change to another coach in the future as well :)


Tanya: This is kind of thing that also really depends on how person is busy, so we will see. Of course I understand that I will probably always have some question to much more experienced person, but I don’t want to disturb too much too


What do you like most about the coaching? What has been the most helpful?

Colette: From my perspective I like hearing how things are going in EGEA and I like to feel like I am helping someone with their challenges :)


Tanya: Hard to say, everything was helpful.


Did you learn anything from the experience of being a coach or coachee?

Tanya: We discussed many things as SciComm, BoE application, other committees I am involved in. All these parts are important for me.

probably another thing is that it was useful to hear an opinion of someone who is not actively involved right now but still experienced, so there is no subjective influence on the opinion.


Colette: If I am honest I don’t really think I have learnt anything new so far and what I like best I have already mentioned above. I suppose I have learnt more about my coachees ;)


Any final thoughts?

Colette: I love this project because I feel it is doing exactly what is already going on a lot in EGEA – offering support and encouragement. So I hope that the project lasts for a long time! :D


Tanya: I would say that this project is great but sometimes I have a feeling that I only ask questions and not able to give something back, it is just unusual for me. I know that this is the purpose of this project but still I am more use to help people but not asking questions all the time :)

The project is great and it helped me a lot, so thank you for this opportunity!


Then I thank you very much for the interview! I wish you all the best for your future in coaching and in EGEA :)


The support for new project leaders will be available from February / March 2018 on.

This is the pilot round of the EGEA Project Coaching, it will be evaluated in summer.




In case you have any questions, please just write to:


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