Coordinator: Ľuboš Rybnikár, EGEA Olomouc



Our team tasks

All you need is media… and a cup of coffee. 

Description of the team –  Media Team consists of EGEAns who like to write, have good graphical and designing skills or just like to communicate and like to work with the social media. Anyone with creative ideas can join our team. The team is divided into various working groups. The ones who like writing and editing can improve their skills in the Newsletter Team. Those, who would like to improve their graphical skills are warmly welcome to join the Design Team. If you feel like you spend too much time on the social media, you can help us promote EGEA on Facebook or Instagram. For sure you know the EGEA Calendars with those lovely photos – yes, we are also responsible for them! We make the contest for the photos which will be published there and after publishing we are selling them and sending them to our sponsors. And, as most of you are young geographers, you probably also know about the Geography Awareness Week and it´s probably no surprise that out team also gets involved in the promotion here.

Current projects: Geography Awareness Week, EGEA Calendar, Newsletter

Completed projects: Past years’ Calendars


Member list

Jan Brodský, EGEA Brno

Daniela Kebertová, EGEA Prague

Fabian Konrad, EGEA Mainz

Jakub Ružička, EGEA Prague

Ľuboš Rybnikár, EGEA Olomouc

Henrik Stein, EGEA Marburg