Among many other committees of EGEA, there is a very special one called the Fundraising Committee or FundComm as we like to call it. Our motto is “FUNDING THE FUTUR€!”. Are you intrigued and you what to find out more about us? Then read about what are we doing.

Who are we?

Committee Representatives

Committee members

There are 4 great reasons why you should join us:

  1. You can play an important role for keeping EGEA alive by raising money.
  2. You can work internal (e.g. organizing trainings, supporting BoE and congress orgas) and external
    (e.g.contacting sponsors…)
  3. You can learn how to raise money for your own (EGEA) activity.
  4. We are a remarkable team full of friendly EGEAns.


Our main tasks are:

  • to search for long-term partners and sponsors for EGEA
  • to take care to follow-up partners and sponsors in cooperation with the Board and Secretariat
  • to promote the Support Fund within EGEA
  • to support international activities during their fundraising campaigns
  • to organize fundraising trainings

Additionally, we organize fundraising trainings roughly twice a year, where participants can learn how to contact the sponsors properly (how and when to call them, how to get to the right person on the phone, how to write the right e-mail).

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