Do you like receiving letters?
Do you like writing letters?
Do you want to improve your English skills?


The Pen Pal Project is a project that will connect EGEAns all over Europe by writing letters to each other.  Each month a topic will be suggested to write about. The topics will vary between personal stories, scientific research and social topics to broaden the minds of all participants.


Project leaders:
Jeroen Royer, EGEA Leuven and Patrycja Sokołowska, EGEA Warsaw


Project goals:
The main goal is to connect people and improve English skills by writing.
Pen Pals will be assigned randomly, but we will try to match newbies with more experienced EGEAns and different nationalities.  Thereby, you get to know other cultures and their vision on certain social aspects of society.  

In case of any questions, you can contact us via

or follow our instagram: egeapenpal