How to sign up for the program? 


It is possible to sign up as mentor or mentee any time during the year.


For mentors:


For mentees:

We try to keep this form up to date, so you can see in the form who of the current mentors is available for starting a new mentoring.




In a mentoring two persons meet, where one person would like to learn more about one or several topics and the other one is more experienced and can provide guidance and support for the learning process.

Mentoring is characterized as an interpersonal learning experience in an atmosphere of trust.

The EGEA Mentors are EGEA Alumni with plenty of personal skills and life experience, who voluntarily support active EGEAns.


The following EGEA Mentors are available for tandems at the beginning of 2020:

Barbara Schwendtner

Gabriela Morosanu

Nina Burgey-Wack

Nora Hilbert

Raphael Riedler

Sara Brouwer

Svetlana Samsonova

Toine Baken


Our EGEA Mentors list is being updated with every open call according to the availability of the Mentors. The following EGEA Mentors may be available for future open calls:


Aleš Oven

Cindy Bruhn

Ines Stadler

Jirka Konietzny

Milda Latakaite

Niels Grootjans

Petronela Bordeianu

Sabina Bokal

Thomas Kaiser


In the evaluation of the program, we found the EGEA mentees are often quite experienced already and want to go the next step in their personal development.

There is no limitation on who can apply the topic but the EGEA Mentoring is about support beyond EGEA. E.G. support during the end of studies, when moving abroad, for job orientation and preparation, for general soft and hard skill development, for getting a project outside of EGEA started,…

To connect with experienced EGEAns to get coaching for projects within EGEA, see the EGEA Project Coaching Program (

You can sign up with any topic you wish. It’s also ok if you are not quite sure about your topic and would rather like to discuss with the mentor if the topic you have in mind is actually a topic for mentoring.

For a more detailed description see the current EGEA Mentoring Program guidelines 2018 – 1 (EGEA Mentoring Program guidelines 2018 – 2).

You can always contact for questions.

In case anything with your mentoring is not going as you hoped, e.g. communication with your mentors doesn’t work or you feel the tandem is not working out, you can just contact the coordination via We’ll try to come to a solution together :)



Contact email

For questions of any kind, you can write to

Stories of a mentor-mentee tandem

Barbara Schwendtner and Sophia Paul

Barbara and Sophia were one of the first mentor-mentee tandems of EGEA. Barbara is a GIS consultant living in Oslo, Sophia is a physical Geography student finishing her master’s degree at the University of Innsbruck soon. (At the first live meeting of the mentoring program in May 2017, in Munich)


EGEA TC: Thanks for taking time to answer the questions of this little interview! We’ll soon launch the second round of the mentoring program, so we want to give interested EGEAns some insight what it means to be a mentee or mentor.

Maybe we start with Sophia. What has been your motivation to sign up as a mentee?

Sophia: I took part in a mentoring program for girls when I was in high school and I liked it very much. My mentor worked at IBM and after meeting twice, I “shadowed” her at work for two days. That means that I just did everything with her: sit next to her when she wrote e-mails and stand next to her during a coffee break. It gave me a great insight into the structure of the company and her job.

Now I’m studying geography and wondering what job I will have one day. I know that it is comparatively easy to find a job in the GIS industry but I would also like to see what you can do with my specialization topics natural hazards research and development geography. I am not worried that I won’t find a job once I finish my master (or Ph.D., let’s see) but I wanted to have someone with experience in the field to talk to in regard of my career opportunities.

EGEA TC: I do not doubt you’ll find a job, too ;-) Barbara, you already reached the Alumni level of EGEA. Why did you decide to get more active again and signed up as a mentor?

Barbara: EGEA will be always in my heart and therefore I am happy to help fellow geographers for part of their life while they finish their thesis, are looking for a job or need support to reach a personal goal. Being a mentor pushed me to help others in a very different way: mentoring is heavily based on experience but I also needed to learn myself a new set of skills such as active listening, questioning and to a lesser extent some coaching skills.

EGEA TC: How does the mentoring actually work for you?

Sophia: We meet around every two to four weeks on Skype.We talk for about 45 to 60 minutes each and Barbara usually sends me a mail with the most important things we talked about afterward. We also define what should happen until the next meeting. This helps me to structure my work better and set small goals every time.

Barbara: It is great, to get in touch with younger EGEAns again so I happily take the time to talk to Sophia, prepare myself for the upcoming meeting and get updated on what is happening in her life.

EGEA TC: And do you already know when your mentoring will be over?

Sophia: As the main goal is to find a topic for my master thesis and then write and finish it and find a job, I guess we are rather in the beginning. We started some months ago and I already got closer to finishing but I’m definitely not there yet. :D

EGEA TC: There is a topic of your mentoring?

Barbara: Sophia wanted some support for deciding on the topic of her master thesis in addition to career help later on in the mentoring. So the overall topic can be summarized in “mastering (literally) the final phase of your studies”.

Sophia: I don’t believe the mentoring will “end” once I finish my studies. I want to keep in touch with Barbara and maybe talk every couple of months to let her be part of my way into the working life.

Barbara: I am so happy to have applied to become a mentor within EGEA! It is a lot of fun working with Sophia and I am so glad, she chose me to be her mentor. Sophia is a hardworking student, who takes on a lot of tasks in order to succeed in her studies and has still the motivation to be one of the WebAdmins of EGEA.

EGEA TC: Thanks for taking time for us :)

EGEA Mentoring Program in the EGEA Newsletter

Astrid Holzinger (EGEA Graz) is head editor of the EGEA newsletter, former Communication and Media Committee representative and also an EGEA mentee. In the newsletter issue September 2017 she wrote a short article about her EGEA mentoring experience. Read it here.


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