The Activities and Events committee (ActCom) is a body of EGEA which aims to: support event organisers, keep record of all events during the year and evaluate  congresses. 

Who are we?

We are a small group of EGEAns who have a heart for the core of the association: our events! Some of us have already organized many events, others have not, but everyone’s ideas are welcome. Congress organizers (former) could especially contribute with a lot by experience, whereas newbies will get to learn the best practices and contribute with more “out-of-the-box“ ideas. Our tasks are clear, output oriented and not time consuming. So, anybody who likes to see the result of their work and still have enough time to visit more events, fits well in our team.

Are you interested in joining Actcom? Don’t hesitate and send us an email (see bottom of the page).

What are we doing?

We support event organisers:

  • By replying to any question from event organisers
  • By updating a stress calendar, which aim is to by showing the most stressful days for students within a year (e.g. exam periods) help to choose the best date for organising an event
  • By updating and sharing manuals for event/exchange organisers 

We keep record of all events during the year: 

  • We do it by creating Database of events, which includes informations about all events that take place within a year. This data is later provided to the official bodies of EGEA and it’s used to prepare grant application

We create ERL:

  • ERL stands for Entity Ranking list, which is the tool that assists event organisers to assign spots and create the order of the waiting list, based on the level of activity per entity for last two years

We track quality of events:

  • We create evaluation surveys for all regional congresses and the annual congress
  • We prepare and share data from regional congresses evaluation surveys to the organisers 
  • We create a full evaluation report of Annual Congresses and we share it to the organisers. 

Current projects

We are working on:

    • Evaluation of Annual Congress 2019 – Our new evaluation guidelines will directly be used to evaluate the congress
    • Database of events 2019/2020 – This is our main, continuous project, we collect data from the entities about organized events, verify it and keep it in order
    • Entity Ranking list 2019/2020 
    • Revising & promoting the event and exchange organizer manual – The manuals provide all basic information event organisers need to know
    • Project: How to minimize the amount of cancelled events? – Cancelling an event could be quite a disappointment for motivated organisers, so this year we’ll watch what events get cancelled and for what reason(s)
    • Stress calendar 2020 – Updated calendar of most stressful days for students in 2020


  • Project: E-event eavings – Series of lectures/interviews with people that organise events for a living, potentially part of CMC project: EGEA Podcast    


  • Evaluating congress guidelines – Organising a congress is never easy, so we collect best practices during our evaluations and will – if necessary – suggest adjustments

Recently finished projects

In the 2018/2019 EGEA year we have finished following projects:

  • Update the Manual for Event Organisers
  • Checklist for Event and Exchange organisers
  • Entity Ranking List 2018/2019
  • Database of events 2018/2019

If you have any comments or questions always feel free to contact us on!