The WebAdmin Team – taking care of and improving the website

Who are we?

We are engaged and IT interested EGEAns who make the website and mailing system work. We have different levels of experience and different skill-sets that contribute to a diverse team of people.


The WebAdmin Team at the AC 2017 in Szczyrk, Poland

What are we doing?

The main job of the Website Administrators is to look after the Website and especially its development. Our daily tasks are changing Contact Persons, creating new entity pages and answering e-mails concerning website topics. We are responsible for all members of the “No Entity” group and also handle all email accounts. In the long run, we are developing the website, adding and updating pages and features.

Current projects

Our current projects are:

  • Migrating the website to a new server (done)
  • Updating and creating the website’s content pages for Board of EGEA, committees, projects, alumni and more (done)
  • Inform EGEAns about common questions and problem solutions (in progress)
  • Creating a history timeline in cooperation with the history project (not started)
  • Change the homepage sliders more often (in progress)
  • Ensuring the implementation of the EU data protection regulation (done)

Past projects

Since October 2016, we fixed the public page of the website that did not update anymore and combined all WebAdmin email accounts into one.
When migrating the website to a new and faster server, we added encryption and new content. Backups are now happening more regularly and the website is now reachable without the www in front of it.

I joined the WebAdmin Team to get to know some background knowledge about the association as well as to know how the technical side of a website works. I like working with the website: changing CPs, creating new entities or to approving events. With my contribution I want to develop the website, of course and as you can see it helped. ;)
Ines, member since 2016


After being annoyed by the website for some time, I decided to stop and start changing things instead. I became part of the WebAdmins and quickly found out that it isn’t so easy to fix websites. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible! Developing the website further is not only fun, but you also learn a lot of computer science that your studies probably don’t teach you.
Sophia, Website Coordinator 2016/17/18


As a member of the BoE 2013/14 I worked closely with the WebAdmin Team, as we were (or rather should have been, looking back) in the process of finishing up the “new” website, delivered by the Hungarian Company. As it became clearer that the delivered product wasn’t what we wanted it to be, I took over the Team after my BoE year to perform damage control. It was a very challenging time as most people were upset with how the website was (not) working. But it was also great to see, how much energy a few people were willing to put into this project, that many others marked down as failed. Looking at the website now, it shows me the importance of not letting go of something you believe in, even if others don’t anymore.

Bella, WebAdmin Team Coordinator 2014/15

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