EGEA Secretariat – The main office of EGEA. We process administration, documents and maintain promotion materials for the association.
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Who are we?

We are the secretariat team. Rick is the Secretariat Coordinator. Floris, Sander and Nicole are supporting members. We are students from EGEA Utrecht doing our bachelor’s or master’s at the university of Utrecht.

What are we doing?

The secretariat has a wide variety of tasks. We process administration, organise documents and maintain promotional material. We are in touch with Esri and the University of Utrecht and our sponsors. We do our best to help the Board, Regional Contact Persons, committees, Contact Persons and EGEAns from existing and candidating entities with their questions.

Current Projects

The secretariat doesn’t have much specific projects to work on, since we are always staying up to date and maintaining things that are happening in the office.

However, the following tasks are important for us:

  • Moving the EGEA Secretariat to a new university building (August)
  • Officially update the Statutory Base with the notary (now-September)
  • Administrative preparation for the AC (August-September)
  • Hosting the first official ‘17-’18 Board meeting in Utrecht (September)

Past Projects

Most of our tasks are repeating annually.

  • Sending entity packages
  • Sending promotion material to congresses
  • Supporting the transition of the Board
  • Support the Board with changing to a new bank

Sending packages

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