The Grant Team – Grants and Opportunities

Who are we?

The Grant Team is striving towards ensuring EGEA’s financial future by supporting the grant writing process and collecting new grant opportunities and other useful information about grants.

What are we doing?

The General Assembly of the EGEA Annual Congress 2016 decided upon implementing a new supporting role into our association. The Grant Coordinator together with the Grant Team are supporting the Board of EGEA in the grant writing processes, and also aims to find new grant opportunities, which are interesting for EGEA. The purpose of this new team is to ensure EGEAs financial future by analyzing possible grant-opportunities, collecting useful information about grants in general and helping to turn ideas into reality.
We want to empower EGEA by being a useful point of contact and source of information for all bodies of EGEA and providing help and answers about grants whenever possible. We work in a small team of motivated EGEAns, who want to be part of the bigger picture and therefore are willing to work towards it.

Current projects

Our current projects are:

  • continuously updating the information in the grant systems
  • Collecting ideas for a Grant Guidelines-Booklet
  • Working on promotional material for the AC
  • Aiming to implement the Grant Team in a better way together with the current and future BoE
  • Creating a Grant Opportunites-List available for all bodies

Past projects

During the first half of our term we tried to find our new role within EGEA, we were looking for team-members and set up a basic communication and working strategy for this year. We worked together with our Treasurer and past BoE president in order to collect all the needed information for a grant database with all the grants listed, for which EGEA has applied for and which of them have been successful. We were looking into several grant opportunities, but so far they mostly were too specific and therefore not really suitable for EGEA. We are trying to find more effective ways for our team-work and for finding new grants. We had five E-Meetings so far and are looking forward to the Summer OSM to discuss new ideas with our fellow EGEAns.

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