The Advisory Board (AB) is a newly formed body in EGEA, which is responsible for providing advice and supervision to the Board of EGEA (BoE). You can find the mandate of the AB in the Protocol, Article 20 (link). The aim of the AB is to support the BoE in fulfilling their tasks, to ensure transparency and to raise the overall efficiency of the Association. The AB stays in frequent contact with the Board of EGEA through online meetings, checks minutes of the BoE meetings and provides advice in decision making whenever needed. However, the AB itself does not make any decisions for EGEA. The AB consists of experienced individuals, who are elected annually by the General Assembly.


Darius Schüttler, EGEA Halle


I am active in EGEA since 2016 and have attended about 40 events since then, including 9 congresses. After concluding my Bachelor of Science in Geography I am currently looking into internship or job opportunities. However, I will always remember the amazing times I had in EGEA and be ready to support the association in any way.


Past positions:

Contact Person of EGEA Halle 2016/2017 and 2017/2018

Regional Assistant for West 2018/2019

Representative of the Scientific Committee 2019/2020


Rick de Graaf, EGEA Utrecht


I’m an oldie from EGEA Utrecht. Less visible, but still active. Passionate about EGEA and countries in the (south)east. Always there to help EGEA.


Past positions:

Representative of Communication & Media Committee 2015-2016

Secretariat Director 2016-2017

Secretariat Coordinator 2017-2018