The Advisory Board (AB) is a newly formed body in EGEA, which is responsible for providing advice and supervision to the Board of EGEA (BoE). You can find the mandate of the AB in the Protocol, Article 20 (link). The aim of the AB is to support the BoE in fulfilling their tasks, to ensure transparency and to raise the overall efficiency of the Association. The AB stays in frequent contact with the Board of EGEA through online meetings, checks minutes of the BoE meetings and provides advice in decision making whenever needed. However, the AB itself does not make any decisions for EGEA.



The AB consists of 3 experienced individuals, who are elected annually by the General Assembly. The AB 2019/2020 members are Marek Borkowski, Pietu Niinimäki and Ines Stadler. Read more about our amazing team below:


Marek Borkowski



I’m active in EGEA since 2013 and from that time I have attended or organised 75 events, including 16 congresses and 8 OSMs. Currently I’m on my Erasmus in Ljubljana, Slovenia and finishing my masters in Exploration of Polar and Mountain Regions at the Silesian University in Katowice, Poland.


Past positions:

Contact Person 2 of EGEA Kraków 2014/2015

Representative of the Regional Support Committee 2014/2015

Regional Contact Person for East 2015/2016

Board of EGEA, Event and PR Advisor 2016/2017

Specialised in: PR, media, congresses and other events, partners, official documents, problem solving.


Pietu Niinimäki



I come from EGEA Oulu, the northernmost entity in EGEA and I have been a member since 2012. On the international level I became active in 2015 and since then I have attended or organised 35 international events, with 10 congresses and 4 OSM’s. Currently I am finishing my Master’s degree in regional policy and development in the University of Oulu and I am doing my internship in a NGO called Startup Refugees, which supports immigrants and refugees in employment and startup business sector in Finland.


Past positions:

Chairman of EGEA Oulu 2016/2017

Programme Coordinator of NBRC 2017

Regional Support Committee Representative 2016/2017

Board of EGEA, Vice President 2017/2018


Specialised in:

Vice President duties, official documents of EGEA, project management, event planning, entity management


Ines Stadler



Currently I am working at a municipality, close to Munich. During my studies I gained a Bachelor of Science in Geography and a Master’s degree in social- and population Geography. 

Since 2012 I am active in EGEA. Since then, I had a lot of great adventures with EGEA (about 50 events, 6 exchanges, 5 Annual Congresses, 9 Regional Congresses and 6 OSMs), which were great experiences. 


Past positions:

  • CP 1 & CP 2  of EGEA Augsburg 2014/2015
  • main organizer EGEA scientific conference 2015
  • Regional Support Committee Representative in 2015/2016 
  • Founder of EGEA Bamberg July 2016 
  • Board of EGEA, Vice President 2016/ 2017 


Specialised in:

Vice President duties, Official documents, project management, entity founding, entity management, Committee management, leadership, teamwork