Board of EGEA

General contact:

The Board of EGEA consists of five persons and is elected by the General Assembly for a term of one year. The board
represents EGEA externally and acts as the executive body of the association.

President of EGEA
Swen Schmitz
EGEA Aachen
Contact Swen with questions related to:

  • The Association in general
  • The Board of EGEA in general
  • Partners: GeoDACH and EUROGEO
Vice President of EGEA
Valentina Vrhovec
EGEA Ljubljana
Contact Valentina with questions related to:

  • Committees
  • Projects
  • Partners: ISHA
  • Protocol and Statutory Base
Secretary of EGEA
Milan Mík
EGEA Praha
Contact Milan with questions related to:

  • Regions
  • Reports/ Minutes
  • External opportunities
  • Partners: IFSA
Treasurer of EGEA
Frederike Schneider
EGEA Nijmegen
Contact Frederike with questions related to:

  • Budget and other financial issues
  • Reimbursements for travel costs and other purposes
  • Financial support of your events (committee LMs, congresses..)
  • Support Fund (but only moneywise)
  • Partners: AFNEG
Event and Public Relations Advisor of EGEA
Anna Feliksbrot
EGEA Warszawa
Contact Anna with questions related to:

  • Congresses and other events
  • All other Partners
  • Media
  • Public Relations

Regional Teams: East, Euromed, North & Baltic and West

The four EGEA Regions are led by their respective regional teams, consisting of a Regional Contact Person and one to
two Regional Assistants. They maintain the contact between the entities in their respective regions and the European

Please contact your regional team with questions related to:

  • New Entities
  • Entity Management
  • CP Tasks
  • New members
  • Membership Criteria
  • Support Fund
  • Regional Congresses

For more details about the teams and the country responsibilities, check out the information below.

Regional Team East
Regional Contact Person: Yulia Kozak, EGEA Chernivtsi
Regional Assistants: Jakub Růžička, EGEA Praha and Terezá Válková
Team East is responsible for the following countries:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Moldova,
Poland, Romania, Russia (together with North & Baltic), Slovakia and Ukraine
Regional Team EuroMed
Regional Contact Person: Monika Gričnik, EGEA Ljubljana
Regional Assistants: Dino Horvat, EGEA Zadar and Elia Vettorato, EGEA Milano
Team Euromed is responsible for the following countries:
Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, France (together with West),
Greece, Israel, Italy, Republic of Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Portugal,
San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey
Regional Team North & Baltic
Regional Contact PersonBeatričė Petkutė, EGEA Vilnius
Regional Assistants: Maiju Eskeline, EGEA Joensuu and Joanna Svärd, EGEA Trondheim
Team North & Baltic is responsible for the following countries
Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Russia (together with East)
and Sweden
Regional Team West
Regional Contact Person: Dylan Colonne, EGEA Brussels
Regional Assistants: Darius Schüttler, EGEA Halle and Felix Eldridge, EGEA Strasbourg
Team West is responsible for the following countries
Austria, Belgium, France (together with EuroMed), Germany, Great Britain, Ireland,
Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland


Supporting roles

These three coordinators each lead a team responsible for their respective topics and are thereby essential pillars
of support for the Board of EGEA and the Regional Teams.

Cassandra Silk Grant Coordinator
Cassandra Silk
EGEA Mainz
Contact Cassandra with questions related to:

  • Possible grant opportunities
  • Joining the Grant Team
  • Grant applications and writing

Grant Team Page

Rick de Graaf Secretariat Coordinator
Rick de Graaf
EGEA Utrecht
Contact Rick with questions related to:

Secretariat Team Page

Sophia Paul Website Coordinator
Sophia Paul
EGEA Innsbruck
Contact Sophia with questions related to:

  • Website development
  • Events on the website
  • Profile issues
  • Spam, bugs, problems
  • Forums

WebAdmin Team Page