The Training Committee creates opportunities for personal development inside EGEA. By organizing training events, supporting EGEA’s HR work and building a learning network it makes more learning opportunities for EGEAns accessible.

The EGEA Training Committee is a partner in the Youth NGO Training Network.

Who are we?

Our team 2017/18 (December 2017)


Our representatives 2017/18

Lukas Bösl and Mike Dumitrescu

What are we doing?

“We support learning and development within EGEA. May it be personal development by delivering soft skill trainings, building bridges between EGEA generations and offering opportunities to get qualified as a trainer. As well as organizational development of EGEA by training (prospective) EGEA Leaders and by supporting the HR work within EGEA.”


Some projects of 2017 / 18

  • Training New Trainers 2018.
  • Training sessions on EGEA events, like the EGEA congresses.
  • Separate training events, some in cooperation with other EGEA committees and supporting roles.
  • Training and learning opportunities for advanced trainers.
  • Cooperation in the Youth NGO Training Network.
  • Human resource work, like “The Newbie Project” in cooperation with the Regional Support Committee.
  • The EGEA Mentoring program.


Highlights 2016 / 17


  • Launch of the EGEA Mentoring Program.
  • First Training by EGEA TC on the CP Weekend West (by Nora Hilbert)
  • First Training New Trainer cooperation of EGEA TC, with IAAS Training Committee.
  • Live meeting in Munich, with the EGEA Mentoring program.
  • Foundation of the Youth NGO Training Network.
  • First Team Management Training for the BoE members (by Mike Dumitrescu and Simon Schudel)
  • Trainings on the Annual Congress (by Valentina, Ana Poštek and Mike Dumitrescu)


Our team 2016/17 (July 2017)



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