The Scientific Committee, short SciComm, is an official body of EGEA which aims to strengthen the quality of scientific activities in EGEA and to encourage EGEAns to share their scientific work and to participate in
scientific events.


What are we doing?

In 2017, we will focus on expanding projects, establishing cooperations and creating team work spirit!
Our aims are:

  • to organise and support scientific activities (e-Lectures, Scientific Symposiums, Scientific Conferences etc.) for EGEAns and partner associations
  • to promote science in general within and outside of EGEA
  • to stimulate scientific discussions and the exchange of knowledge within EGEA
  • to give advice in all scientific matters concerning EGEA or EGEAns
  • to look for opportunities to reward EGEAns for their contributions to the scientific side of EGEA
  • to look for cooperations within EGEA and scientific opportunities outside of EGEA

Current projects

The work of the committee is organised in subgroups working according to the interests and skills of the committees members.
Our current work includes the following projects:

  • EUROGEO Competition in 2017: In cooperation with EGEA Alumni, SciComm organises a competition for EGEAns to take part in the annual scientific conference of EUROGEO in Amsterdam/The Netherlands. The best application wins a free spot and has the chance to contribute to the world of professional scientists.
  • Scientific Conference in Girona/Spain in 2017: in cooperation with EGEA Barcelona, SciComm organises this annual event which is completely focussed on scientific content. In 5 days, the participants can extend their scientific knowledge in lectures, excursions, debates and much more…
  • Scientific Awards: First introduced at the AC 2016 in Switzerland, SciComm and EGEA Alumni are awarding the best scientific inputs of the year. In several categories, groups and individuals can apply for this special honor within our association.
  • Scientific Symposium at the AC17 in Poland: Again this year, SciComm will be organising this event where EGEAns
    can present their own scientific work. Two panels offer space for ambitious researchers to share their knowledge
    with other EGEAns in interesting presentations.
  • Scientific Posters: This is a new project which will be first introduced at AC 17 in Poland


SciComm is a main facilitator of the scientific side of EGEA. I am glad to contribute my experiences as an ‘old’ EGEAn but I am even happier about its combination of new, fresh ideas and input.
(Tobias Michl)

The best about Scientific Committee for me is the chance to work and participate in scientific projects and events like those in which one can otherwise get involved after years of experience from the graduation.
(Gabriela Morosanu)

SciComm gave me an opportunity to show my scientific experience and knowledge during the Scientific Symposium 2016. Now I want to contribute as much as I can and give others a chance to do the same.
(Lisa Witz)

SciComm gives me the opportunity to experience science from different backgrounds but we are still talking about the most important thing in EGEA… geography!
(Valentina Vrhovec)

EGEA body group: Scientific Committee