The Communication and Media Committee (CMC) is a project-based EGEA body, which works on certain projects such
as the regular newsletter and calendar. The main aim is to support EGEA by documenting its activities and with
promotional material like videos, pictures, leaflets, posters, flyers, banners, presentations, etc. The CMC also
maintains the outside channels of communication in the public domain such as the Facebook and Wikipedia

A group picture from the CMC Live Meeting in Brno in May 2016

A group picture from the CMC Live Meeting in Brno in May 2016

Who are we?

We are a group of creative people who are interested in design, computer graphics, making videos, taking photographs and many other similar things. We also like our association and therefore we help to make promotion both outside and inside of it.

What are we doing?

We take care of social network channel connected with EGEA (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn) and we also document EGEA activities and share photos from them through our own gallery ( Every year we publish an official EGEA calendar which includes photos made by members of our association. We support EGEA with promotional materials such as banners, lanyards and other things. There have been also many entities and project group who need their logos so we use our skills also for helping them with this task.

Current projects

For this year we are planning to launch a new webshop where members and entities can buy their own merchandise such as T-shirts, hoodies and others. We also cooperate with the RSC on making promotional materials for the EGEA Day and the 30th anniversary of establishing our association.

Past projects

We created new promotional materials for the whole association and for all this year’s congresses organizers. These materials include new banners, lanyards, postcards, stickers, magnets, pens, flags and so on. For this year we also designed and ordered a special edition of magnets dedicated to this year’s 30th anniversary of establishing EGEA.

We published a new EGEA calendar for 2017. This year the calendar is focused on collecting pictures of the best moments of association’s member during the events. We finally used 37 pictures and put them into the layout together with texts about the events where they were taken and memories of the authors about them. The calendar’s cover can be seen here and its content is available through the link in the picture:
EGEA Calendar 2017 - Cover

At the latest we created logos for several entities and project groups:

EGEA Hydrology project EGEA Hydrology
EGEA Storytelling EGEA Storytelling
EGEA Augsburg – The logo shows the skyline of Augsburg together with a hand and strings which symbolize one of its symbols – a marionette theatre called Augsburger Puppenkiste. EGEA Augsburg
EGEA Bamberg – The logo shows one of the best know landmarks of this city – the old town hall standing on an island in the middle of the Regnitz river. EGEA Bamberg
EGEA Hannover – The logo shows a silhouette of a horse which represents a local tradition of horse sports in the city. EGEA Hannover
EGEA Olomouc – This logo shows two most important sights of this city – The Holy Hill and the Holy Trinity Column. EGEA Olomouc

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