The main responsibility of the Communication and Media Committee (CMC) is to make EGEA visible. How do we do that? Continue reading to find out!

A group picture from the CMC Live Meeting in Brno in May 2016

A group picture from the CMC Live Meeting in Brno in May 2016

Who are we?

We are a group of creative people who are interested in design, graphics, making videos, taking photographs and many other similar things. We’re helping EGEA to be more visible and more beautiful.


What do we do?


There are several different ways of making EGEA visible:
  • We take care of association’s official social media channels (Facebook, Instagram,  YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn).
  • On demand of entities and project groups we help them  creating logos, posters and other various graphics.
  • We support EGEA with promotional materials such as banners, lanyards, stickers, magnets etc.
  • We document our activities and make and collect photos (available on Smugmugand videos (check EGEATV).
  • Every month we inform our members about what is going on in the Newsletter.
  • Every year we publish the official EGEA Calendar which includes photos made by members of our association.
  • We manage the Association’s official Webshop

    Why do we do it?


    Because we’re creative and we like it! Do you think you’d fit in our team?
    Don’t hesitate and contact us! :)
    Our past and current projects
    During past years, we have been managing among others following projects:
    New promotional video
    Webshop launching (2016) and ‘facelift’ (2019)
    EGEA Webshop Design Contest
    EGEA Photo Award
    Social Media Strategy (in cooperation with EPRA)
    EGEA Secret Santa video
    EGEA Day celebrations (in cooperation with RSC and RTs)


    EGEA sticker



    EGEA Calendar 2017 - Cover