The Activities and Events committee has three main goals: to keep record of EGEA’s events, share best practices between the past and future organisers and to come up with new ideas and ways to improve the quality of the EGEA events.

Who are we?

We maintain the database of all EGEA events and keeping record on it is our most important, continuous project. We collect data, manage and provide it for the other official bodies of EGEA. We are also responsible for creating the Entity Ranking List, Stress Calendar and evaluation of the congresses.

What are we doing?

Our main tasks are:

  • EGEA activities and events
  • helping organisers
  • tracking the quality of events
  • sharing best practices between past and future organisers
  • collecting data and create the database of events providing data to the official bodies
Current projects

Currently we are working on:

  • Database of events 2017/2018 – this is our main, continuous project, we collect data from the entities about organized events, verify it and keep it in order
  • Stress Calendar – we want to create the calendar which will help events’ organisers to choose the best time for it, we will mark dates of holidays and exam periods from different entities, countries and regions
  • Evaluation of congresses from 2018 – after each Regional and Annual Congress in 2018 we will prepare evaluation form and ask congress’ participants to fill it in to help OrgaTeams evaluate their events, we will note down the best practices and consider how weaknesses could be improved
  • Manual for events’ organisers – our whole year project is also to prepare very practical, useful and helpful manual about how to do good event and how to report it properly
  • Checklist for organizers – to make life easier for event organizers we are working on a bullet point list where they can easily check on the most important things when organizing an event or exchange
  • Points for Green Events for ERL – together with EGEA Green we are working on a proposal to include the effort of organizing green events in the point system of the Entity Ranking List (ERL)
  • Entity Ranking List 2017/2018 – at the end of the EGEA year we will count the points for organised events and rank the entities according to their level of activity
Recently finished projects

In the 2017/2018 EGEA year we have already finished following projects:

  • Finish and publish the Manual for Event Organisers
  • Publish the congress evaluations from 2017’s regional congresses
  • New database of events
  • Entity Ranking List 2016/2017
  • Database of events 2016/2017


If you have any comments or questions always feel free to contact us on!