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List of Acronyms

AC Annual Congress
ActComm Activities and Events Committee
BoE Board of EGEA
CMC Communication and Media Committee
CP Contact Person
CPT Contact Person Training
EG European Geographer
EGEA European Geography Association
EMRC EuroMed Regional Congress
EPRA Event and PR Advisor
ERC Eastern Regional Congress
ERL Entity Ranking List
EuroMed Euro-Mediterranean Region
FCC Financial Control Commission
FundComm Fundraising Committee
GA General Assembly
GAW Geography Awareness Week
GT Grant Team
LM Live meeting
N&B North and Baltic Region
NBRC North & Baltic Regional Congress
OSC Organisation and Strategy Committee
OSM Organisation and Strategy Meeting
RA Regional Assistant
RC Regional Congress
RCP Regional Contact Person
RM Regional Meeting
RSC Regional Support Committee
RT Regional Team
SciComm Scientific Committee
TC Training Committee
WebAdmins Website Administrators
WAT WebAdmin Team (see WebAdmins)
WRC Western Regional Congress