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Here you can search for any document uploaded by EGEAns. You can find the minutes of our official bodies, manuals, guidelines, reports and more in our library sorted by categories and hashtags. Use the library’s search tool to find the documents you are looking for.

Official documents

EGEA Officials documents consist of Statutory Base, Protocol and its five Appendices. The Statutory Base in Dutch is a notarized and legally binding document according to Dutch law. The English translation is used for internal use. The Protocol specifies how EGEA works and is a detailed version of the Statutory Base. Its purpose is to offer additional explanations and remarks that clarify a lot of the procedures.

Magazine: European Geographer

The European Geographer is a semi-scientific magazine that publishes the written work of EGEAns in three different categories: scientific, GeoTALK, and EGEAscope.

Master Folder

The Master Folder is a place where all the important documents and other useful information can be found. It is openly accessible for everyone. The Master Folder is run by the Regional Teams and its aim is to provide a simple and overseeable collection of useful information.