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A few days ago i posted in facebook about the Missing Maps foundation. Today i attended the Mapathon, an event organised by 7 Belgian universities to map a part of Congo and Swaziland. In a few weeks some organisations will have a vaccination campaign in those areas and they asked us to map the area.

One of the news stations filmed it and you can see me on television :) here is the fragment (in dutch)
Sadly i wasn’t interviewed because my computer screen was to small ;) I wanted to mention EGEA of course :D

In the end we mapped the both areas completely. Here is one example: http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/1774
And i talked with the organisers and I’ll get in touch with the foundation to organise something similar on a European scale :)

Besides this not much happened :) The congress season has started and most projects are on hold. Next up is the NBRC and i’m looking forward to visit the Baltic states for the first time :)

Have fun on the congresses and watch out for the application period of Board and RCP, which starts in May !!!!!

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