1. Claudya

    OMG, I’m so happy to see that the FR training is going on to it’s 3rd edition? am I correct?

    Without wanting to exclude those who worked before in the Fundcom, but I can only speak of my own experience… I spent 2 years in Fundcom pushing to raise awareness over the importance of fundraising within EGEA and together with some of my friends from other ENGO, which I met during my BoE year in 2009/2010, we initiated the first edition of Fundraising Training in March 2013… And I wish those who also worked hard to push for fundraising in EGEA before me, would see how far EGEA has come and still moving forward …kuddos for you all ^O^

    p.s: just a little history: the 1st edition of FR training was made in Copenhagen in 2013, with aprox 21 people, with orga team from EGEA, BEST, EPSA …it was an incredible event for all the 3 ENGOs… we stayed isolated in the woods, in a small cottage outside Copenhagen, for 8 days … we bounded, we talked about our organizations, we debated intensively, we got drunk, we came home with plans for our organizations, we cooked together, we played group games, etc… we didn’t know eachother before we met in DK …but believe me when I tell you that some of the people i met there are still my friends today and I am closer to them than I could ever believe.. Anyway, we had it all…and we had a blast..

    That is where we talked about the EGEA why for the 1st time and we came back with a long term plan to increase fundraising in EGEA. We found out why we can’t fund raise as much as other NGOs, what are our association’s strengths and weaknesses, what we can do about it. it’s was very productive for EGEA that training.

    So, long story short, do what you went there for and don’t forget to play and enjoy it too. :)

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