Esri’s ArcGIS software for EGEAns

Every EGEA-member can order a free copy of Esri's 1-year licensed ArcGIS software

Dear EGEAn,

Every EGEA member can order a free copy of Esri’s 1-year licensed ArcGIS software.

To order a license, please fill in the form.

If there are 10 EGEAns who ordered a license, the names will be sent to Esri. After that EGEA will receive download codes for the software. You will receive this code from the EGEA Secretariat and you can download ArcGIS yourself. Keep in mind this takes some time.

You can also check if your university has a site license here.
In case your university is participating in this project, you can order a license via your university as well.

In case of any questions, please contact:

Terms and conditions for the use of the free copy of Esri’s 1-year licensed ArcGIS software

1 – The use of the Esri software is only for personal use in your home country on a single computer.
2 – It’s not allowed to commercially use, transfer or resale the Esri software.
3 – With using the Esri software, you agree on the terms and conditions applying to the use of ArcGIS (ArcGIS License Agreement).
4 – You are not entitled to obtain technical support from Esri with this license.
5 – Esri and EGEA can always decide to not provide the ordered Esri software.
6 – The use of this license is only availaible once for each EGEA-member (registrated at the EGEA website).

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