ERC 2017: Opencall for Trainers

We are looking for 2 trainers for ERC 2017.

Dear potential trainers,

EGEA Praha is offering you a great deal if you don’t want to miss the Eastern Regional Congress 2017. Because we did not receive any application for a training and we still would like to offer few training, we started this open-call. We don’t ask “too much” and in return we offer you among other benefits fixed place at the ERC 2017. Are you interested? In that case please continue reading the lines below.


The congress will be held by EGEA Praha in a beautiful region of Central Bohemia and will take place from 31st March to 5th April 2017.


We are looking for motivated people who want to lead a training (40 – 60 minutes). If you want to improve your leadership skills, work with others and develop your teaching and communication abilities, this is the big chance for you!


Topic of our congress is “The Heritage of Military Areas: Perspectives of Revitalization.” But as long as we don’t allow you to have a “military” training, we are asking for typical “EGEA” training. We would be glad to include a couple of training in the schedule to let other EGEAns improve their skills in entity leading, leadership in general, project management, dealing with people, organising events or any other skills that are (not only) EGEA-useful.


Well, firstly and mainly, all trainers will get a fixed place at the ERC 2017. Secondly, you’ll get a certification of being a Trainer. Last but not least, you’ll get an opportunity to work with a group of approx. 20 EGEAns highly motivated to learn something new from you. We also offer help and support in preparations for the Training.

Some additional information (please keep in mind that there might be some changes):


In your application please include:

  • Your contact information: name(s), EGEA nickname(s), entity/ies, email(s) and Skype contact(s) + specialization of study/ies
  • Short description of your EGEA past (especially if you have any experiences in leading training, workshops, excursions etc.)
  • Training title and topic
  • Description of your Training plans (concept and structure, goals etc.)
  • Tell us about your experiences in the topic of Training.
  • Tell us about your skills that make you a good leader.
  • How can participants benefit from your Training?
  • List all possible requests you have (e.g. special equipment you need).

Send your application form to until Sunday 5th February 2017 (23:59).

If you have any questions or requests, you can always contact us via e-mail ( We are looking forward to read your applications.

// In case, you already have a place (and you paid), you can still apply and your place will go to another one from your entity! :)



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