The first board of EGEA Innsbruck

EGEA Innsbruck has its first board!

Although we have been active for some time and had our voting several weeks ago, we are now happy to officially announce the current board of EGEA Innsbruck:

Board of EGEA Innsbruck

Ferdinand Brielmair (Fördi, Ferdl-IBK) – CP1Sophia Paul (Sophia) – CP2
Franziska Allerberger (Franzi, Franzl) – Chief Assistant

All three of us attended regional congresses this season. We are looking forward to working together to build up the entity of Innsbruck in the coming year.
And there are some more pictures from that photo-shoot, which we would like to share with you:

EGEA_Innsbruck-2 EGEA_Innsbruck-3 EGEA_Innsbruck-4

Pictures by Mario Löscher – thank you! :)

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