Board change in Helsinki

Our entity has a new and enthusiastic board :) Welcome and congratulations everyone!


Here is the brand new board of EGEA Helsinki that will start operating from the beginning of next year!

CP1 and president: Sanna Kujala
CP2 and 1st exchange coordinator: Mia Eriksson
Vice president: Juri Louhio
Secretary: Julia Koskinen
Treasurer: Salla Kuisma
Event Coordinator: Antti Autio
Media Coordinator: Vilna Tyystjärvi
Environment and Equality Coordinator: Matilda Holkkola

Not in the board but still have an active position:
2nd Exchange Coordinator: Matias Pajosmaa
Co-Event coordinator: Daria Tarkhova
Co-Environment and Equality Coordinator: Eve Ikonen
Alumni Coordinator: Tony Hietala
Relationship Coordinator: Maikki Määttänen

As you can see there are some old faces and some completely new ones so it looks like it’s going to be a good year :)


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