Travel Information

General information

The opening ceremony of the WRC ‘14 will take place in Bern. Afterwards, we will move to the congress place in Sigriswil in the Bernese Oberland. In the following, we give you all the information you need, first to get to Bern and afterwards from Bern to Sigriswil.

The congress place is called “Bärgsunne” and the address is:
Ferienheim Bärgsunne
Bärgsunneweg 13
3657 Schwanden

To Bern

Travelling by train in Switzerland

If you travel by train, check the website of SBB, our national railway company: There, you can find every international, national and local train as well as all public buses. We recommend you to always compare the prices with the one of your national railway company. In many cases, it is cheaper to book your tickets on the website of the German, Dutch or Austrian railway company.Swiss trains are a very reliable and comfortable way of traveling, but please be aware that they are very expensive. For detailed information on how to get from Bern to the congress place, see below.

Long-distance buses to Switzerland

Switzerland is a “train-country”, however, you can find a few bus lines operated to Bern. Expressbus operates many lines mainly from Eastern Europe, Germany and Spain. Also, have a look at, which is a search engine for different bus lines. There is a larger number of bus lines serving Zürich or other cities, but take into account the price of the transfer from those cities to Bern in case you have to take a train.

By car

If you want to travel on Swiss highways, you will have to buy a toll sticker for 40 CHF (about 33€) valid for one year. Check google maps to find out connections to Bern with or without these toll roads. For further information on how to get from Bern to the congress place, see below.

Try to carpool, hitchhike and fill up every free place in your car to make the trip as sustainable as possible :)
Here are some ideas how to find cheap and environmentally sound lifts:

  • search and suggest trips in Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe;
  • find a lift from, to and within Switzerland and visit also the carpooling website for other countries (,, etc.) at the bottom of the page!
  • look for trips all over Europe and maybe even offer a free place;
  • Compartir: a network of cities, companies and organisations that encourage car-sharing.

By plane

If you take the plane, you can use one of the following Swiss airports: Zurich Airport (ZRH), Geneva international Airport (GVA), EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg (BSL). Bern is served by the Bern-Belp Airport (BRN) but it has only very few and pricy connections. In any case you have to take public transport from the airport to Bern.

For more information about airlines flying to Switzerland, check None of the Swiss airports is served by Ryanair, but EasyJet, Wizz Air and other low-cost airlines do so.

By bike

If you choose to travel in a relaxed manner and want to discover and enjoy some beautiful countryside on your way, then hop on your bike! SchweizMobil proposes you great and safe bike routes through magnificent Switzerland.

From Bern to the congress place

Shuttle transport from Bern to the congress place

The congress place is in a beautiful, but rather remote village in the Bernese Oberland. That’s why we offer you a shuttle service from Bern to Sigriswil leaving after the opening ceremony on the 3rd of May. If you would like to seize the opportunity and to get to Schwanden bei Sigriswil with us, we ask you to choose this option while transferring the participation fee. The price will be 8€ (normal price when traveling with public transport is 20€) and you will have to pay it together with the participation fee in order to book it. Make sure to do this, or we can’t reserve a seat for you…
Be careful: there will be only one bus, leaving at the end of the Opening Ceremony. If you happen to arrive late, you will have to organise the trip yourself.

Public transport from Bern to the congress place

To reach the congress place by public transport, you will first have to take a train from Bern to Thun and afterwards buses from Thun to Sigriswil. There are fast trains from Bern to Thun. You can find detailed information on the timetable on the above mentioned webpage of the SBB. There are two possibilities to reach Sigriswil from Thun by bus, but in any case you have to take two different buses to get to the station closest to the congress place, which is called “Schwanden (Sigriswil), Dorf”. You can buy your tickets at machines at the bus station or inside the bus, please check if there is a ticket machine on the bus before you get on.
Option 1

  • From the train station in “Thun” you have to take the bus Nr. 21 in the direction of “Interlaken Ost Bahnhof”. You have to get off at the station “Oberhofen Dorf” for transfer.
  • At “Oberhofen Dorf” you take the bus Nr. 24 in the direction of “Sigriswil Dorf” and get off at “Schwanden (Sigriswil), Dorf” from where you can walk to the “Bärgsunne”.

Option 2

  • From the train station in “Thun” you have to take the bus Nr. 25 in the direction of “Sigriswil Dorf”. You have to get off at the final station “Sigriswil Dorf” for transfer.
  • At “Sigriswil Dorf” you take the bus Nr. 24 in the direction of “Oberhofen Dorf” and get off at “Schwanden (Sigriswil), Dorf” from where you can walk to the “Bärgsunne”.

On the map below, you can see how you get from the bus station to the congress place; it is very close, only about 5 minutes of walking.

How to get to the congress place?

By car

To go straight to the congress place from Bern, follow the highway A6 towards Thun and Interlaken and take the exit “Thun-Nord”. From Thun on follow the blue signs towards “Gunten” and turn left after the village “Oberhofen” towards the village “Schwanden”. Turn left in the center of the village and follow the “Eggenweg” until you see the sign guiding you to the “Bärgsunne” . Check the general information for the exact address.