Trainer Team

Trainer Team

The Trainer Team

Let’s present the trainer team to you!

Marina Codorniu

My name is Marina Codorniu, I am 23 years old and I was born in Barcelona. Currently, I am living in Germany and having my internship with a small NGO which works with Erasmus+ projects and organises many training courses. If I would need to define myself in a few words I would say that I am a person who loves to enjoy life while developing myself and helping others to do the same. My wish to improve the world is huge and I am sure that non-formal education and personal development can greatly contribute to it!

As I studied Geography, I am very interested in the Earth and all what is around it. I love to travel, nature and animals. Besides that, I also finished my studies as a Personal Coach which I started right after becoming a soft skills trainer. I consider myself a very positive, interactive and empathetic trainer. This will be the third TNT I deliver and I have to admit that this is my favourite training event: always full of magic and new discoveries…  I am truly looking forward to seeing you all in Bucharest!


Yehia Hegazi

Dear all,


I am Yehia, if it is hard to pronounce feel free to call me Yaya. I am a territory manager at Johnson and johnson, pharmacist, MBA international business student. Hospital management, quality management, marketing management diplomas from Cambridge college holder. Certified trainer by the Training of trainers diploma from Notting Hill college. I speak 5 languages (Arabic, French, English, German) + beginner at Spanish. I love to travel (36 countries till now)
I was delighted to join this event because I believe that we make living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. It is an opportunity to learn from amazing trainers and exchange ideas and knowledge.

Christoph Stein

Hello everybody,


I am Christoph, an engineering and management student from Karlsruhe and a qualified soft skill trainer within ESTIEM.

The topics I am mostly interested in as a trainer are learning styles, personal growth, self-management and self-leadership.

I applied for this TNT as a trainer, because I enjoy getting out of my comfort zone, meeting new people, and helping others grow. I am eagerly excited to share the knowledge I gained throughout my training career and evolve myself both as a trainer and as a person.


Looking forward to meeting you all!


Thomas Dewaele

Hey all,


My name is Thomas. I am 23 years old and as a trainer I was born and raised in the IFMSA, the International federation for medical students. Having facilitated at various event in that organization in the past 2,5 years, I feel it’s about time I push my comfortzone by facilitating an EGEA TNT for the very first time! I am incredibly excited to be working with different people and to explore how my background can contribute to YOUR brand new trainer path!


Can’t wait to meet you in Bukarest!