Rural and Urban Sustainability

Organizer: EGEA
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You will be staying in Copenhagen and also take a trip up the island towards the coast of north Sealand:

Copenhagen is the capital and the most populous city in Denmark and is sprawling with urban life, cultural activities and history. You might know the city as the place with the Little Mermaid, aggressive bikers or the free town, Christiania. Hopefully you will have time to see these sites, and also enjoy the Danish way of living with beautiful architecture, green city ideas and city nightlife. And finally you can decide for yourself, if Danes really are the happiest people in the world.

Read more about Copenhagen as the European Green Capital:

copenhagen_cnt_6nov09_istock_b        European-Green-Capital-Copenhagen


The environment of North Sealand is just spectacular with beautiful nature, pristine beaches, open fields and green woodlands. These places are some of the favorite spots of vacation for Danes. Our shelter will be located in Ullerup, which is near the beach and surrounded by deep forest.

moelle-og-mark       Hundested_Strand-hq


You will also visit our old university, where we will eat and have our evening events.

Address of Geocenter:

Øster Voldgade 10,
1350 København,