Rural and Urban Sustainability

Organizer: EGEA
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On the program we have three major excursions during our time around Copenhagen, which will reflect on different topics around sustainable living:

Eco-village Dyssekilde

Dyssekilde is situated in the north of Sealand with a population of around 200 people with different age, background and beliefs.  The village represents a community of people who care about each other and the environment, and they all share the same vision about the village: social interaction, tolerance, respect, sustainability and ecology.

We think it is an ideal place to visit, because it reflects a way of sustainable living, where the community works together to create a better environment for themselves, but also for their next generations.

They do so by choosing a different lifestyle – practicing green energy, organic farming and creative and mindful activities such as yoga, art/design and small-scale tourism.

Read more interesting stories on their website:

dyssekilde2     Nordstjernen_ko_samfund_facade

 Organic and biodynamic farmer Thorshøjgaard:

Thoshøjgaard is situated in North Zealand with beautiful and idyllic environment. The farm is all about organic and biodynamic production, where animals are fed with natural foods. The farmers put much effort into producing quality instead of quantity. They believe that if nature is treated with respect, the nature will reward the humans with healthy and well tasting goods. And so the ecosystem can go on…

With this visit we would like to show an alternative way of farming, where farmers appreciate agriculture with respect of the nature. Hopefully this will encourage us to buy more locally produced and organic foods.


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City tour with DAC and GRO:

The purpose of this city tour is to show how Copenhagen strive towards a greener city with focus on locally produced foods, better possibilities for CO2 neutral transport and green city planning in a sustainable perspective. It will be interesting to learn how we spend our resources today and encourage citizens to become green, and if it can be done in a smarter, greener, healthier and more sustainable way.

We will have an excursion with Danish Architecture Center, who will guide us around Copenhagen. DAC is about showing the way towards green architecture, experiences and knowledge about the environment. Their aim is to follow the green path and keep up to date with sustainable architecture, that is developing across the world. The tour will be led by a DAC professional guide and will include overall sustainability architecture, green energy, the harbour, climate and city planning.

Danish Architecture Center:


And we will have another tour with GRO, which is an enterpreneurial group that organises urban agriculture, community gardens and outdoor areas to promote the green scenery in the city. They encourage the locals to grow their own veggies and support a more green environment for themselves and the surroundings. GRO was announced as Denmark’s first roof top garden and is inspired by CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).