Travel Info

Lithuania is the geographical center of Europe and that is the reason why Lithuania is easy to reach!


Opening ceremony of NBRC 2020 will be at our Vilnius University, Chemistry and Geoscience Faculty, Geoscience Institute.

Address of Geoscience Institute is M. K. Čiurlionio street 21/27, Vilnius.


How to get here?


1) If you are coming BY PLANE STRAIGHT TO VILNIUS – it will take only 15 minutes to reach faculty! Yes yes, Vilnius airport is super close to Vilnius center!

Just take a bus number 3G (bus stop is right next to entrance/exit of airport) and bus goes directly to faculty. You need to get off at Mikalojaus Konstantino Čiurlionio bus stop and 4 min walk till faculty.


Bus ticket you can buy from the driver (full price is 1 euro). If you have International Student Card (ISIC) bring with you because we have 50 % discount on transport tickets with it. Then bus ticket would cost 0,50 euro.



2) If you are coming BY PLANE TO KAUNAS – it will take longer time.

Take a bus or train to Vilnius. From Kaunas airport to Kaunas bus station or train station goes bus number 29G. It takes around 40-50min. Bus ticket is the same as in Vilnius (full price – 1eu, with ISIC – 0,50eu.)

For bus station you need get off at „Autobusų stotis“ bus stop. And for train station get off at „Geležinkelio stotis“ bus stop.


If you want to come from Kaunas to Vilnius by train you can check tickets on this Lithuanian Railway website:

You can buy ticket online or in the station, the price is the same. Full price varies 4,80eu – 6,60 eu (depends on the train). With ISIC card then 2,40eu – 3,30eu. And it takes around 1,5h.

If you want to come from Kaunas to Vilnius by bus, you can check ticket on this website:

You can buy ticket as well online or in the station. Full price for bus is around 7 euros, with ISIC card around 3,50 euros. Duration is between 1,5h and 2h.


3) If you are coming BY TRAIN OR BUS TO VILNIUS, you can reach faculty on foot or by buses or trolleybuses.

Train and bus station are close to each other and are around 2,7 km away from faculty, on foot it would take around 30 min.


If you don‘t want to walk, you can take bus number 23 at „Stotis“ D stop and go till „Simono Konarskio“ bus stop. But this bus goes rarely, so you can check other options below.



Other option to take bus number 2G or trolleybus number 16 at  „Stotis“ F stop and go couple of stops till „Sparta“ bus stop. And then cross the street and change the bus 3G or trolleybus number 10, 17 till „Konstantino Mikalojaus Čiurlionio“ bus stop.

If you change buses, in each bus you need to buy a NEW ticket from driver.




Explanation how to reach correct „Sparta“ stop (there are 4 of them)!



We hope we gave enough options and you will find the most suitable and sustainable way for you to reach NBRC 2020.


If you have any questions related to transportation, contact us via email or us personally.


After opening ceremony we will provide transportation to congress venue.

After the congress (on Friday) we will provide transport for participants from „Elniakampis“ to Vilnius (you will be able to take off at Vilnius Bus/Train station or at Geosciences Institute (the same place as opening ceremony)).


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