Workshop No.1  by Grzegorz Lach

Nuclear energy, how dirty are you?


At this workshop we will be talking about the actual facts and dispel myths about nuclear energy and its influence on the natural environment and the humanity. We will focus on topics like radiation pollution, methods of measuring the radiation, converting nuclear waste into useful fuel, as well as storing and securing nuclear waste. Have you ever wondered how much nuclear waste is being produced every year in Europe? And how it is disposed? If the answer is affirmative, you will likely enjoy this workshop!








Workshop No.2  by Jan Rose

The involvement of geology within nuclear energy


In this workshop you will be able to know the main principles and physical processes of operating a nuclear power plant. Geological difficulties for choosing long term storage solutions. Improve QGIS skills by creating a map showing the influence of different geological and hydrological factors to locate possible storage opportunities. Moreover, discussions about environmental effects, nuclear energy role in the modern world, while considering the risks involved with their operation, as well as their advantages.








Workshop No. 3 by Arina Nosikova

Does nuclear energy have a place in our cities? 


The workshop might be clearly explain possibilities and limits of creating nuclear power station in urbanized areas with close connections of different city’s practices. The main idea of the workshop is figuring out and compating summary of data for make a clear steps
for establishing new nuclear power stations with indicating limited or permitted (everything depends on common result) reasons.
In a nutshell the workshop is divided for 3 steps:
1. planning of cities (choosing cities for next exploring)
2. figure out of amount of consumed energy per person for choosed cities
3. SWOT-analyze for nuclear power station