North&Baltic Regional Congress 2019

Organizer: EGEA
Location: (Map)
Open for: Everyone

Evening Program


Eurovision night


Since the congress takes place merely a week before Eurovision, we have decided that the theme of the first night is every European’s favourite song contest. We would really like for every entity (or country) to put together a small performance from their country. (Extra points for outfits!) It can also be a video clip prepared in advance. The orga-team plans to do a remake of one of the Estonian entries. Also, every entity will have a chance to vote just like during the real Eurovision.

We will also have some Eurovision related activities during the night and after the winner of Congressvision has been selected, the night will carry on with karaoke.



Cultural fair


Ah, cultural fair.. It gets wild! You know the drill – represent your country as well as you can! We provide you with a table and your task is to bring part of your country to us. Dress as you like, flags and promotional materials are welcome. And of course… food and drinks!



Estonian night


The orga-team will give you an overview of our history and estonians’ manners. You will have a chance to learn some folk dancing and listen to traditional songs that are performed during our song festival. We will also organise some activities to teach you more about Estonia. You will have a chance to taste traditional foods and drinks of our country as well. And of course the most important part, later on in the evening we will have a sauna.