North&Baltic Regional Congress 2019

Organizer: EGEA
Location: (Map)
Open for: Everyone

Orga team

Our organizing team consists of students from every study-year: from newbies to future Master graduates. Our interests in geography differ in the same range as our experience in EGEA: we have students from planning and tourism to wetlands and GIS interest, students who have participated three EGEA congresses and several other events and students who have been active only on the local level. We have recently practiced our organizing skills while hosting Baltic Weekend 2017 and CP Training Weekend 2018.


Our orga team:

  • Merli Ilves and Madli-Johanna Maidla – Main coordinators
  • Oskar Vevers – Scientific coordinator
  • Helena Maarja Lainjärv and Patrick Joan Thomson – Program coordinators
  • Maria Kolk – Fundraising & Green coordinator
  • Sigrid Paavle – Participant coordinator
  • Liza Vabištševitš – Financial & PR coordinator