North&Baltic Regional Congress 2019

Organizer: EGEA
Location: (Map)
Open for: Everyone




As NBRC 2019 would like to be as sustainable as possible we have listed down all the activities how we plan to make our congress green and reduce the ecological impact we generate.


To be environmentally aware we have taken the following actions:


  • We will talk with our accommodation about the ways we can recycle and we will try to provide good opportunities for doing that.
  • In order to fundraise we will go out and plant some forest!
  • We contacted a local company who will provide us with long-life reusable cups that will be returned after the congress and washed.
  • Our congress will have all breakfasts vegetarian and one full vegetarian day.
  • We have announced a travel competition for the most environmentally friendly arrivals!
  • We ask everyone to bring their own water bottles, tap water is drinkable!
  • Orga team will get their shirts from a second hand store and we will not have specially made shirts for participants.
  • Our congress souvenir is a student-invetion Poko which is a reusable fruit bag.
  • We try to print as little as possible.
  • One of our excursions is very close to the venue and we use public transport for that.