Excursion  1

After the first workshop we will have a guided tour through the regional museum. There we will learn about hydrology and the water pipelines to Vienna. There is also a museum of local history, where we will get more input about Wildalpen. You can find more information by following this link


Excursion 2

The second excursion is a daily tour with a lunch break at a cottage in the so called area “Siebensee”. It is a mountain plateau with mainly forest. Some springs which are relevant for the water that is transported to Vienna are situated at this plateau. This springs and a small lake are the target of this hike. We are getting some information at this point from a local representative of the Vienna water company. During our hike we will also be guided by a local forest ranger who will teach us about the local ecosystem.

Foto second excursion


Excursion 3

The final excursion is a hike to the mountain peak of. The trail is a little steep but not for too long and if the weather is good you have a breathtaking view on the valley and the mountains around. You definitely need good shoes and enough water. We will have some stops during the hike to talk about different physical geography-related topics but also to give you enough breaks.

Foto third excursion