Scientific program

In cooperation with SciComm, we did prepare for you one block of Science. We will include the typical activities like Poster Session, Scientific Symposium and Debate. Besides that, you can look forward to the amazing scientific workshops as the main scientific part of Congress. Almost every day you will have the chance to sit at the Scientific Table during your lunch or dinner! ;)



How to create more impact or do more scientific workshops? We think that in order, to put the science in EGEA on another level, we need the help of professionals, experts and PhD students… that means that you can look forward to the workshop lead by one expert and co-lead by one member of our association who will cooperate closely. During the workshop, you will also join the scientific excursion, collect data and create a practical output, so the workshop presentations will be much more interesting, as we hope!


As usually at EGEA Annual Congresses, in this part of the program, participants have the opportunity to present results of their achievements, research and other scientific reports or to tell us about the interesting projects in which they participated.

This year we offer our speakers 6 FIXED PLACES. We don’t want to have our speakers in a hurry, so every presenter will have a maximum of 40 MINUTES for their appearance (25-30 min for a presentation and 10 min for a short discussion). After the Congress, will be published a short article about the presentation to our Scientific Report, so wait for it.


During this one-hour long session will each poster presenter have 10 minutes time to introduce their poster… later on, a casual discussion in World Cafe Style will follow. And of course, after the Congress, we will publish a short description/article or a smaller poster to our Scientific Report.