Relax excursions

#1 Reach the Top

If you like mountain hiking, this excursion is right for you. It starts at our congress location. You will explore the surroundings of our accommodation, experience the beauty of Jeseníky mountains and reach its highest peak Praděd, highest mountain of the Moravian region, 1491 meters above sea level.
Have in mind, that this excursion demands a certain level of physical fitness as well as proper hiking shoes.

#2 Military Sudetenland Experience

This excursion will take you by bus to well-preserved artillery fortification Bouda. It is located close to the Czech-Polish border and was founded in the thirties of the 20th century. It meant to serve as a Czechoslovak fortification system before the WW2, but you’ll learn more about its use at your visit. You will also have the possibility to try out some activities students trained in the Cold War Era.
Take note, the fortification consists of underground tunnels, where the temperatures might drop to 4–12 °C. Warmer clothes and sturdy shoes are therefore highly recommended.

#3 Gold Rush

Did you ever wonder, how mining for precious metals looked like and how did the people searching for them lived in the past? Join the excursion and you’ll visit the surroundings of Zlaté Hory (small town, close to the Polish border, where golden ore was found in Middle Ages). You’ll visit open-air museum Zlatokopecký skanzen and former gold mine Poštovní štola and you will even have the possibility to pak for gold!
Beware, that we are going to former mine, where the temperature is around 7 °C, also the paths can be quite narrow and that’s why not comfortable for claustrophobes.

#4 Fancy Nature Hike

The hidden gem of the region, national nature preserve Rejvíz is a perfect excursion for someone who enjoys relaxing walk in nature with the visit of the biggest Moravian peat bog and its lake Velké mechové jezírko. You will walk the educational trail through Rejvíz, visit observation tower and finish your excursion in spa town Jeseník.  Even though it is not a difficult hike, we recommend you not to forget proper shoes.

#5 The Heart of the Mountains

Starting the excursion in the caves Na Pomezí, you’ll have the possibility to visit part of the longest cave system formed in crystalline limestones in Czechia, included in the Jeseník Karst. You will then continue to Spa Jeseník (or Priessnitz Spa) famous for its hydrotherapy since the first half of the 19th century. This excursion contains training How to be sustainable while travelling led by Doriana Plesa and Hannah Fröb, which will take place at the City Hall of town Jeseník. So if you are willing to attend this training, do not hesitate to choose this excursion.
And don’t forget to pack some warmer clothes, as the temperatures in the cave might drop to 8° C.

#6 Make your Handmade Paper

Have you ever travelled by some Czech train? With this excursion you’ve got your chance! But don’t worry, train experience isn’t the most interesting part of this excursion. We will take you to the town Velké Losiny, where you’ll visit the last paper mill in Europe, which produce the homemade paper. It was founded at the end of 16th century by the same Moravian aristocratic family, which founded local chateau, your next destination.
If you feel in the mood for a relaxing city excursion, we recommend this one!

#7 Training in Small Vienna

Travelling by train to town Šumperk (with approx. 26,000 inhabitants) and taking a stroll through its streets, you might find interesting the architectural resemblance of a much bigger city far south from here. Joined by a lovely local guide, you’ll visit Town Hall’s Tower and the Exposition of Witch Hunts. This excursion subsequently includes training Creating the map of your life led by Rhune Van Cleemput and Marina Codorniu in the local library. So if you are planning to attend this training, don’t forget to choose this chill excursion.

#8 Water-gate excursion

Not so far from our accommodation, you can see “weirdly shaped” hill. Its top was artificially removed to create an upper reservoir of Dlouhé Stráně. Dlouhé Stráně is a pumped storage plant opened in 1996, which the main goal is to ensure the stability of the electrical grid. It consists of two reservoirs with a height difference of 510,7 meters. The excursion will take you inside the powerplant (located underground), where the whole system will be properly explained.