Leisure activities

Morning sports

Sometimes EGEA mornings could be hard… But morning “sports” can make it much more easier. :) Are you still not sure about that? On AC19 funny activities and games will surprise you. You can expect crazy dances or relaxing chill out games.

Program during GA

Are you representative? NO? Great! You can join us to our various activities during GA. If you want to test your trust with your EGEA friends, you should totally participate in a workshop of simple acrobatics and acroyoga. Moreover, you can join our movie chillout zone. As geographers we invite you to fascinating travel lecture with a traveler, where you can get some inspiration for your future plans. Our accommodation offers you places to enjoy your free time on maximum – or example swimming pool! Also, table tennis and volleyball tournaments will be organized.

How to be a proper Czech

Czech it out! Czech cooking workshop or creating typical czech sweets called Hořické trubičky is awaiting you. And what’s more, you will learn some basics of czech language. Believe us, it is not going to be easy.